Island Boys

Island Boys Beat Women: Everyone on the internet have been searching for the rap duo’s scandal. If you want to know more, read this article till the end.

Island Boys are American social media personalities and controversial hip-hop duo who shot to fame after sharing videos on TikTok. They are twin brothers whose names are Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja.

Furthermore, the hip-hop duo has been active on the platform for quite a while now. Not to mention, the Island Boys went viral after their song named  “I’m an Island Boy” was shared.

Apart from that, the twin brothers often make rounds on the internet for various reasons. Sometimes they create buzz due to their arrest news.

Currently, they are making headlines due to another reason that many people have found weird. 

What Is Island Boys Beat Women?

Island Boys are making rounds on the internet as everyone is searching for their video related to beating a woman. It all started in early 2022 when news of one of the twin brothers was accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend.

A girl named Montaisha went live on Instagram and talked about the matter. Reportedly, she had swollen eyes and mentioned that she can’t even see.

Island Boys Beat Women
Island Boys are making headlines after the news of them beating women went viral. ( Source: LADbible )

During the Instagram Live, the girl stated that she had called the cops. However, it remains unclear whether the one who assaulted the lady was arrested.

On May 6, 2023, KodiyakRedd was alleged to be arrested on domestic violence charges. Due to that, some speculated that it may have been linked to his scandal linked with the lady who was assaulted physically.

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Island Boys No Jumper Video Scandal and Controversy Explained

Island Boys are a hot topic on the internet as their No Jumper video is among people’s searches. Due to their scandal, the hip-hop duo has been dragged into the controversy.

Online users were shocked when the duo’s footage of kissing each other was posted. Weeks later after the video went viral, Flyysoulja came out as gay.

Island Boys No Jumper Video
Island Boys No Jumper video has dragged the rap duo into controversy. ( Source: YouTube )

In a since-deleted video posted on the No Jumper Instagram handle, a screenshot appeared to show Flyysoulja taking a mirror selfie.

In the picture, his brother crouched by his private area suggesting that a sexual act was happening. A large emoji was placed over the intimate area. 

The video showed Kodiyakredd with a thing that looked like a carrot or a hot dog. Many were shocked by the photo and suggested that it was a weird prank to pull, even if it was fake. 

Island Boys Leaked Video and Photo

Island Boys leaked videos and photos have been trending on various social media platforms mainly on Twitter for the past few days. The rap duo has also started sharing their images and clips on adult sites.

Apart from that, they are promoting their account via their Twitter handle where they can be followed under the username @Reddfourtimes.

Island Boys Leaked Video
Island Boys Leaked video has gone viral on various social media platforms mainly on Twitter. ( Source: Instagram )

While promoting the account, they have posted many intimate pictures and some of them even show the duo kissing each other.

After that, the video was shared by other handles and now it is creating buzz on the internet. Likewise, the hip-hop duo has shared some pictures on Instagram. 

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