James Jaronczyk

James Jaronczyk, the great South Bay Boater’s dead body, was found. There have been multiple queries about his missing case updates. Today we will be talking about James Jaronczyk family and more. 

James Jaronczyk was a 28 years old boater based in South Bay. Currently, he is trending all over social media sources after he went missing on Monday, May 8. 

Further, Jaronczyk is reportedly last seen off the shore of Suffolk County near Babylon a day earlier. James’ missing case has recently been updated with new information about discovering his glasses and dead body near South Bay.

However, the family of South Bay Boater was hoping for him to come back soon and be alive. Jaronczyk was famous and known for his amazing boating skills, and people were fans of his posts and videos that he often shared on his Instagram handle, where he had gathered over 1.9k followers. 

James Jaronczyk Family Life Explored

James Jaronczyk’s family is devasted by his death, as the missing boater was recently found dead. He went missing in the Great South Bay and was found recently, but the sad news is he is no more.

Following that, the family is mourning his death, and many people on social media are paying tribute to the devasted family. As we know, his parents were also searching for their son, hoping to find them alive, but everyone was stunned when the news of his dead body was shared.

James Jaronczyk family
James Jaronczyk posed with his dearest friends. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, James was not only the child of his parents as he was raised alongside his two siblings, whose names are reported to be Amanda and Joseph.

His sister Amanda had also urged the public to help them find her brother. In a public statement, Amanda asked the local boating community to help in the search effort.

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James Jaronczyk Parents: Father Joe And Mother Rosanne Jaronczyk

James Jaronczyk’s parents Roseanne and Joe Jaronczyk, hoped to find their son alive, but their son’s dead body was found as he went missing.

Both his father and mother talked with the media when their son went missing, and they requested everyone to help them to search for their beloved son. Also, James’ father, Joe, said he was his son’s father for 28 years.

James Jaronczyk
James Jaronczyk was a boater from South Bay. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, he was happy to know that his son touched many people’s lives, as everyone has left sweet prayers for the family. Reportedly, James’ parents live in Massapequa, but they were in South Carolina when their son went missing.

When his parents heard the news of their son’s missing, Joe and his wife immediately came to New York soon after to help the rest of the family. His uncle, Thomas Longhway, also talked with the media saying everyone was seeing for their loved one.

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Was James Jaronczyk Married Before His Death?

No, there are no records of the boater James Jaronczyk being married. So, he didn’t have a wife before his death. Moreover, James was focused on his career.

His sister Amanda said that her brother was an avid boater. We can also find him on Facebook, where James used to showcase his lifestyle. All of his Facebook posts show that James was a family person who used to spend his time with his family and friends during his spare time. Now, everyone is mourning his death.

James Jaronczyk
The official page of Greater Long Island tweeting about James Jaronczyk’s missing update. (Source: Twitter)

The missing boater was last seen off Suffolk County on Sunday afternoon, and everyone was actively searching for him. A recent report by some media outlets claimed that he had been found but was dead.

Social media handles are now covered with tributes and condolences messages, which his close ones are giving to his family members. Likewise, Genius Celebs also pay the deepest tribute to the whole family, friends, relatives, and close ones. 

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