Jordane Crantelle

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Jordane Crantelle is a well-known fashion designer who mainly works with a famous brand named Louis Vuitton. 

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The French fashion designer started her journey in the creative atelier of Chanel alongside Karl Lagerfeld and his design team. 

Crantelle has gained broad experience by working with various figures. 

Similarly, she is also managed by Jordane C, a global creative agency that offers various communication and production services in the U.S. and France.

Many people have loved her work, and Crantelle is still doing well professionally. She is also famous for her relationship with her boyfriend, Ben Attal, with whom she recently married.

Jordane Crantelle Wikipedia Explored

Jordane Crantelle, a French fashion designer, is collaborating with Louis Vuitton.

Moreover, she started working in this field a long time ago, and after working with renowned figures, she established her place within the luxury house in PR.

There Crantelle also worked in the VIP Relations department. Furthermore, Crantelle traveled internationally, collaborating closely with stylists and celebrities and managing events and special projects. 

Jordane Crantelle Wikipedia
Jordane Crantelle is a famous fashion designer associated with Loius Vuitton from France. (Source: Instagram)

For your information, she has also worked with Mademoiselle Agn├Ęs in production at the French Channel Canal.

Not only that, but Crantelle spent a year developing the communication strategy for ethical accessories brand named Twins for Peace.

Later, she moved to Los Angeles and created her own agency, Jordane C. Moreover, Crantelle can be followed on Instagram under the username @jocrantelle, where more than 7k people have followed her.

Jordane Crantelle Age: How Old Is The Fashion Designer?

Jordane Crantelle’s actual age remains unclear, but it has been speculated that the fashion designer may be in her 30s. She was said to be born in Paris to her parents.

Moreover, she later moved to the United States of America to grow up her career. Further, Crantelle has kept every detail regarding her early life to herself rather than sharing the info with the tabloids.

Jordane Crantelle Age
Jordane Crantelle is a native of Prais where her parents currently live. (Source: Instagram)

Due to that, Jordane’s parents’ names also remain under review. Meanwhile, it has been reported that she is the daughter of an advertiser.

In addition to that, Crantelle has a strong presence on Instagram but has not made a single post about her matters.

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Jordane Crantelle Is Married To Her Husband Ben Attal

Jordane Crantelle is a married lady who tied the knot with her fiance-turned-husband, Ben Attal. Meanwhile, Ben is a renowned French actor who has worked in various movies.

Also, he is recognized as the son of notable French directors and actors Yvan Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg. On September 17, 2022,

Ben confirmed his relationship with Jordane by sharing an Instagram story.

Jordane Crantelle
Jordane Crantelle and Ben Attal in their wedding. (Source: Instagram)

In April 2023, Ben talked in a podcast named As Long as there are men, where he said he had been engaged to Crantelle. Moreover, Crantelle and Attal tied the knot on July 1, 2023.

Their wedding ceremony was organized privately in the presence of their family and close ones. Likewise, the newly married couple posted images of their wedding on Instagram.

In addition, Crantelle was in a relationship with another actor named Gaspard Ulliel in the past. 

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