Lewis Hamilton Arrest

Lewis Hamilton arrests news has baselessly surfaced over media outlets currently, but they seem to be rumored as official authorities have not claimed the matter.

He had been a part of legal procedure for improper vehicle use many years before.

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Fully known as Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, he is a British racing driver competing in Formula One for Mercedes now. During that time, he has won a joint-record seven World Drivers’ Championship titles.

Besides that, he has a long list of recorded positions and honors as part of his jaw-dropping racing skills. However, many years ago, Police authority mentioned his vehicle misuse following different controversies among people.

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Lewis Hamilton Arrest And Charges: What Did F1 Racer Do?

Lewis Hamilton was found with his Mercedes road car, and Victoria Police seized it with careless use of a vehicle resulting in an incident in Melbourne many years ago. 

Lewis Hamilton targets F1 constructors’ runners-up spot for Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton targets F1 constructors’ runners-up spot for Mercedes (Source- HT Auto)

He was expected to be charged on a warrant, but he had apologized for careless driving after being stopped by Police. He was captured for improper motor vehicle use, but he is likely to face a fine if found to have committed an offense.

Police reportedly detained Hamilton in Melbourne after leading to burnout. Following the incident, the Police mentioned that he was turning into Fitzroy Street at around 9.15 pm when he gradually lost traction of his wheels.

Where Is Lewis Hamilton Now; Still In Jail?

Lewis Hamilton is not in jail following the decade’s past mistake, but there has been gossip circulating that Hamilton has been arrested. Many consider Lewis Hamilton might go to jail because of his speed and careless driving.

In Japan, he was seen driving a Nissan Skyline GT-R34 after a 2022 mediocre season with Mercedes. He posted the footage on his Instagram account showcasing the brit speeding, drifting, and spinning the car over the city.

According to Lastest News Freshers Live, many people wonder if it may be because of his over-the-limit driving footage of a GT-R34 in Japan. Despite that, there is no official information about his detain by any authority.

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Lewis Hamilton admits he was at fault for crash and is ‘grateful to be alive’
Lewis Hamilton admits he was at fault for the crash and is grateful to be alive (Source- Latest News Freshers Live)

Where Does Lewis Hamilton Live?

Lewis Hamilton lives in a beautiful Monaco spot and often praises the place. Although not much is known about his property, he once conveyed a snap of his fantastic view.

On his social media post, he captioned a clip praising the place he calls home, and Monte Carlo has been a blessing for him to live in, being an incredible spot. Further, he captioned, “God is shining down on me today.” sharing a sunshine moment.

Like him, many F1 drivers reside there; even though he has not detailed shared his location, he seems to enjoy the place. Moreover, he may travel to many places for his driving profession but ultimately return to his home later.

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