Hughie Green Daughter

Everyone wants to know about Hughie Green daughter, Linda Plentl, who appeared in the TV show ‘This Morning’. Green has been a household figure on British television for more than 20 years via his talent program Opportunity Knocks!

The TV host assisted in the rise to prominence of many of the biggest variety acts of the 1960s and 1970s. He played 700 gigs in a single year at one time when he was just 14 years old.

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He also had his own radio program and traveling concert party. He made his cinematic debut in Radio Pirates after touring Canada. Soon after that, a prominent part in Midshipman Easy came up.

After fighting in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II, Green filmed a few more movies, but it was on television that he achieved his greatest popularity as the presenter of Double Your Money (1955–68), one of ITV’s original game shows.

Who Is Linda Plentl?

Linda Plentl is the daughter Hughie Green, who was one of the most influential men in the industry and a living icon of British television, anchoring the massively successful show Opportunity Knocks.

The couple Claire Wilson and Hughie Green along with their two children, Linda and Christopher, were brought up and resided in a fifth-floor apartment in Baker Street, London.

On a cruise ship in the middle of the 1930s, Green and Montreal social beauty Claire Wilson met when they were both still adolescents. Before relocating to London in 1947, they were married in 1942 and made their home in Montreal.

However, Green’s children described it as “very dysfunctional” due to his multiple relationships and self-obsession, which included taking lavish vacations and frequently spending Christmas alone.

Hughie Green Daughter
Hughie Green’s surviving daughter (Source: The Telegraph)

After Green’s romance with Gwen Claremont, the couple divorced in March 1975 after separating in 1961. Claire wed Upstairs, Downstairs star David Langton later that year.

His biographical film, Hughie Green, Most Sincerly, portrays him as a family guy, but Hughie Green daughter claims the contrary was actually true.

She remembers one family vacation, which was spent in the pouring rain in a filthy, leaky houseboat on the Thames. He left Linda, her brother, and Claire there after tying the boat to a bridge in Maidenhead.

Hughie Green daughter a mother of four who is in her late 70s and has been married twice leads a stable and contented family life. She remembers that Hughie didn’t spend much time with his them and could terrorize them without ever lifting a finger.

Paula Yates, Hughie Green daughter with Elaine Smith, and Plentl had three encounters before Yates’s passing in 1999. After Paula’s husband died, a DNA test established that Green was her biological father. 

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TV Presenter Hughie Green Biography

Hugh Aitchison Green, a Scottish father who was a former British Army officer from Glasgow and who gained money by selling canned fish to the military, and an English mother named Violet Elenore from Survey, a gardener’s daughter from Ireland gave birth to Green in Marylebone, London.

The children resided in the family’s Meopham, Kent, house with their mother, who had several boyfriends, while their father conducted business from the Savoy Hotel and frequently remained there.

Hughie Green Daughter
English radio and television presenter, game show host, and actor, Hughie Green (Source: BBC)

In the St. John’s Wood neighborhood of Westminster, Greater London, Green attended the boys’ prep school Arnold House School. Green’s father urged his stage-obsessed son into acting after the family business went bankrupt, and at the age of 14, Hughie Green had his own BBC Radio program.

He then worked as a stunt pilot and ferry transport pilot in the aviation sector. He started working in business after moving back to London in 1947, which included selling airplanes.

In 1955, he rose to fame because of the ITV quiz program Double Your Money, which had originally started out on Radio Luxembourg a few years before.

Green was taken to the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea, London, after receiving an oesophageal cancer diagnosis. Green had smoked a pipe all of his life, consumed a lot of alcohol, and had just started using recreational barbiturates. By 1997, his lungs were affected by the malignancy.

On Saturday, May 3, 1997, Green passed away at a hospital. Christopher Green, Green’s son, put off getting married and traveled from Canada to be at his dying father’s bedside.

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