Lloyd Barrus Children

Get to know the convicted criminal Lloyd Barrus children.  Lloyd married multiple women and had at least ten children.

The American television reality legal show N.B.C. Dateline focuses mainly on true crime stories. The show, which details chilling crime cases, has managed to garner significant fans.

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Likewise, the show revisited the 2017 ****** of Broadwater county deputy Mason Moore. Lloyd Barrus was arrested and convicted for Moore’s homicide in 2021.

A Dateline N.B.C. episode titled “On a Dark, Deserted Highway” recounted Moore’s demise at the hands of Barrus and his son, Marshall.

People are now curious about the murderer’s son, family and their whereabouts. Here is everything about Lloyd Barrus’ children.

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Lloyd Barrus Children: Had A Bunch Of Kids

The convicted murderer Lloyd Barrus was reportedly married to a few women and had a bunch of kids.

Lloyd Barrus Children
Lloyd Barrus had three kids with Debra Del Bosque. (Image Source: KOB4)

According to Lloyd Barrus’ son, Al Barrus, his first marriage was with a woman named Tracey, who was not featured in the NBC Dateline.

Tracey is the mother of Lloyd’s sons, Marshall and Jefferey.

Moreover, the criminal was formerly married to Debra Del Bosque, who shared her survival story on the NBC Dateline episode.

Lloyd and Debra had three kids – a son Al, and two daughters, whose names are kept confidential to protect their privacy.

As for the whereabouts of Lloyd Barrus’ ex-wife, she currently lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Debra Del was married to Barrus before he gunned down the government official. Ms. Bosque experienced domestic violence.

She said her former husband almost killed her, but she escaped with her kids in the middle of the night to Alaska to Arizona.

She escaped with her five children – her three kids with Lloyd and two daughters from her previous marriage.

It should be noted that Ms. Bosque had two daughters from her previous marriage. Later they settled in Shelton, Washington.

In an interview with KOB4 recently, the Bosque-Barrus couple’s son, Al Barrus, said they left his Father and his half-brothers in 1989. Al, who is now 39 years old, was only six then.

Al said he rarely contacted his father and elder half-brothers, Marshall and Jeffrey, after that. Al also disclosed that his dad remarried in the 1990s and had five more kids.

Al Barrus, who had nothing to do with his dad’s crime, said his brother, Marshall, was not evil.

According to the 39-year-old, his brother, who fired the shots that killed Mason Moore in Montana, was a victim of their dad’s rage.

The Barrus family believes that Lloyd pressured Marshall to shoot and ****** the deputy.

Lloyd Barrus’ Son, Al Barrus, Is Happily Married And Has Two Kids

Al Barrus is happy now. In addition, the 39-year-old is happily married to his spouse and has two kids.

He also works in wildlife conservation in the public sector. He said, “I love it. This is my forever home.” Al added that the desert sunsets brought him here.

Although he had nothing to do with his dad’s crime, Al has grappled with those realities. He now hopes to assist those who have had similar traumatic experiences.

“We want to share with those who might be dealing with something similar to our story of bravery, survival, and hope,” said Al Barrus.

Where Are Lloyd Barrus And Marshall Barrus?

Lloyd Barrus is serving at the Montana State Prison. As a result of his involvement in Mason Moore’s *****, he is currently serving three concurrent life terms.

Lloyd Barrus Children
Lloyd Barrus and his son, Marshall, killed Mason Moore (pictured above). (Image Source: The Sun)

Barrus was found guilty of accountability for deliberate homicide and attempted deliberate homicide on 21 September 2021.

His prison sentence was declared on 22 April 2022 following his conviction.

Marshall Barrus – who began a gunfight with the Police when they got up to the two – died in the shootout.

On the other hand, the father-son’s victim, Mason Moore, suffered severe gunshot wounds and died on 17 May 2017.

It was not the only time Lloyd was entangled with the law. In 2000, California Police arrested him with his other son, Jeffrey, in a high-speed chase and 18-hour standoff with law enforcement. 

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