Peter Scully girlfriend

One of the worst sex offenders, Peter Scully girlfriend, Lovely Margarllo, joined hands in his crimes after he hired her as a sex worker.

Peter Scully is an Australian sex offender currently serving life in prison after he was found guilty of several offenses, including child abuse, rape, trafficking, and distributing child pornography.

The Australian sex offender was found guilty of several charges. Peter resided in Melbourne with his wife and two kids before fleeing to Manila, Phillippines, in 2011.

Before leaving, he ran an illegal online escort business in Melbourne, using his girlfriend from the Philippines as a sex worker. Today’s article is about Scully’s girlfriend, Lovely Margallo. Keep reading to learn more about the pair.

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Who Is Lovely Margallo, Peter Scully Girlfriend? Dating Timeline

Liezyl “Lovely” Margallo is the girlfriend of Peter Scully. The pair’s relationship timeline is a bit blurry. However, Scully seems to have met Margallo in the early 2010s in Melbourne.

Peter Scully girlfriend
Liezyl “Lovely” Margallo joined hands with Peter Scully after he hired her as a prostitute in Melbourne. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Peter Scully is regarded as one of the world’s worst pedophiles who sexually abused minor girls with his Filipina girlfriend, Liezyl “Lovely” Margallo.

Liezyl “Lovely” Margallo is reportedly a sex worker from Phillippines. Also, it has been reported that she was trafficked as a little girl. Moreover, Peter was also in a relationship with Carme Ann Alvarez, another Filipina sex worker.

Scully was thought to have started seeing Alvarez while she was a 14-year-old prostitute.

The Filipino prostitute provided food and shelter to the young girls Scully had raped, abused, and chained by putting dog collars on.

Margallo, 30-year-old prostitute was hired by Peter in Melbourne when he ran a business there. Margallo has been involved in her boyfriend’s crime since then.

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Liezyl “Lovely” Margallo Sentenced To 126 Years In Prison

In November 2022, the sex worker Lovely Margallo was sentenced to 126 years in jail for her crimes. In one shocking video, the Filipino prostitute was seen sexually abusing an 18-month-old child.

On the other hand, Peter Scully – who was already serving his life imprisonment sentence – was sentenced to an additional 129 years in jail.

Prosecutor Merlynn Barola-Uy revealed that Scully, Margallo, and two other accomplices were charged with sixty offenses, including child abuse, rape, trafficking, and distributing child pornography.

Peter Scully girlfriend
Peter Scully is regarded as one of the worst sex offenders. (Image Source: New York Post)

Two other accomplices were sentenced to nine years (each) in jail. All four offenders were sentenced on 3 November 2022, soon after they entered a plea.

Peter Scully Ran A Secret Dark Web Child Pornography Website

The Australian offender ran a dark web and sold videos of his dirty crimes. The most notorious video Scully produced was called Daily Destruction, which was sold for up to $10K to men from German, America, and Brazil.

The victim was a little child whose body was hidden beneath the floorboards of Scully’s rented home in Surigao. Although some of Peter’s victims survived, they are still traumatized.

Peter was first arrested in March 2015. In October 2015, fire broke out in the evidence room, severely damaging evidence against Scully. Some people believe that the offender bribed a local police officer.

In 2018, Scully and his live-in girlfriend, Carme Ann Alvarez, were found guilty for the first time and received life sentences.

Eventually, Alvarez led Filipino police to an apartment where an 11-year-old was found dead. In 2018, Alvarez and Scully were both given life sentences.

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