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Lucifer Valentine wiki has sparked the curiosity of many movie fans because he mostly remains private and has created myths about his personality through some fictional characters.

Lucifer Valentine is a movie director, writer, and editor mostly known for directing the movies Black Metal Veins, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, and Slow Torture Puke Chamber.

His movies mainly deal with violent sexual encounters, vomiting, cannibalism, blood, torture, and murder.

Lucifer Valentine actually presents himself as an incestuous and satanist character, creating a whole myth around his personality, like his sulfurous and highly bloody saga.

He invents a dramatic biography and the characteristics of fictional characters to create his own image of a deviant artist. Further, his notoriety has not failed to embrace over time in the flow of reality.

Just like his name, Lucifer usually delves deep into extremely dark subjects for his movies.

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Who Is Lucifer Valentine? Wiki And Age

Lucifer is an anonymous and iconic personality of extreme cinema born in South Africa. His date of birth is not shared publicly on the internet, hence, his exact age can not be determined.

Talking about Lucifer Valentine wiki, he does not have an official wikipedia page as of now. Also, not much information is available about him in the online sources.

Lucifer remains private from the online world and nothing is known about him except his movies.

Therefore, fans make different assumptions about him being an evil or horrible person.

Lucifer Valentine Wiki
Lucifer Valentine has kept his identity hidden. (Source: Punk Globe)

As the name Lucifer implies, the filmmaker presents himself as the devil. Additionally, he wants his followers to believe that he is not like other normal people.

Instead, he enjoys being referred to as the demonic and has a very dark, devilish demeanor and therefore can not be easily recognized by anyone.

Valentine however says that “I wouldn’t describe myself as misanthropic, misogynistic, or anything else along those lines; in fact, people who know me frequently describe me as the most upbeat, cheery person they have ever met.”

Furthermore, it is known that Lucifer Valentine is a fan of the band Nirvana.

Lucifer Valentine Family And Net Worth

As we already know that Lucifer Valentine has created some myths regarding his character, therefore no one knows about him on social media.

Since Lucifer himself has his identity hidden, he has also kept his family details away from the eyes of the media.

 Also, his parents themselves chose to remain far away from the spotlight. Hence,  nothing is known about them either, not even their names.

However, Valentines’ father and mother are known to be etymologists, who studied the origin and history.

Moreover, it is an undeniable fact that his parents have always been there to support him in his professional career.

The director’s parents have never questioned him about his profession and have consistently encouraged their son even after knowing about his odd movie concepts.

Despite maintaining their secrecy, Lucifers’ father and mother have worked tirelessly day and night to provide a better life for their child.

Lucifer Valentine Wiki
Lucifer Valentine has kept his family details hidden. (Source: Dreager)

Further, he has also taken care of his family financially after earning money from his movie works.

The film director, known by his stage name Lucifer Valentine, became well-known for his films, and many people admired his unique approach to filmmaking.

In addition to being anonymous, he has directed, written, and edited a lot of movies which has surely earned him a great amount of income.

The odd filmmaker has an estimated net worth of around $100k – $1M as of 2023.

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