Marrissa Cloutier Arrest

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Marrissa Cloutier is a TikTok star and online content creator known for her large following on social media platforms.

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She is also involved in adult content creation and has an OnlyFans account.

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Marrissa Cloutier Arrest And Charge

Marrissa Cloutier, a prominent influencer with a substantial online following, was entangled in legal trouble following her arrest and subsequent child neglect charges.

Known for her TikTok presence, an OnlyFans account, and streaming on Twitch, Cloutier’s personal life came under scrutiny when she was taken into custody on August 25, 2021. 

The arrest stemmed from an incident where concerned neighbours discovered Cloutier’s 5-year-old son crying alone outside her Florida residence, prompting them to contact the authorities.

Upon arrival, the Fort Myers Police Department investigated the situation, documenting their findings in a report. Inside Cloutier’s home, officers noticed her cell phone and contacted her.

Marrissa Cloutier Arrest
Influencer Marrissa Cloutier faced legal issues after child neglect charges. (Image Source: HITC)

She initially claimed to have made a brief trip to a nearby 7-Eleven to purchase laundry detergent after putting her son to sleep, stating that no family members could watch him.

The absence of a receipt for the half-empty detergent container and Cloutier’s attire consisting of a black mini dress and full makeup raised suspicion, as they were deemed unusual for a late-night convenience store visit.

As the investigation progressed, Cloutier was read her Miranda rights, and she ultimately confessed to having met with a friend who resided 11 miles away.

She did not seek their assistance despite having nearby relatives, including her mother, aunt, and cousin.

Cloutier acknowledged her mistake, explaining that her home lacked surveillance cameras to monitor her child remotely. She attributed her falsehoods to anxiety, according to details provided in the report.

Further examination by the officers revealed that Cloutier’s son had been left unattended for over an hour near potentially hazardous elements such as wildlife, vehicle traffic, and bodies of water.

The gravity of the situation heightened as news of Cloutier’s arrest spread on social media, leading to her decision to make her TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram accounts private.

In a since-deleted video, she addressed her followers, stating that several online claims were distorted and untrue.

Where Is Digitalprincxss Marrissa Cloutier Jail Or Prison?

After being released from the charges, Marrissa Cloutier, also known as Digitalprincxss, has reportedly maintained an active presence on social media platforms.

Her digitalprincxss profile shows a profile picture and indicates that she has made 379 posts.

With a significant following of 303,000 followers, she follows 1,863 accounts.

Marrissa Cloutier, known as Digitalprincxss in the online realm, identifies herself as a digital creator from Florida. A palm tree emoji in her profile suggests her location within the state.

Marrissa Cloutier Arrest
Digitalprincxss has remained actively engaged on social media. (Image Source: Instagram)

Embracing the title of a digital creator indicates her involvement in various forms of online content creation, likely spanning multiple platforms.

Although specific information about her digital creations is undisclosed, as a digital creator, Cloutier likely engages in activities such as video production, visual content sharing, and interacting with her audience on social media.

The online persona she has adopted, Digitalprincxss, indicates that she has successfully crafted a distinct identity or brand, attracting a significant and devoted following.

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