Moyo Lawal leaked Video

Moyo Lawal leaked video and tape is trending on the internet as the Nollywood actress’ private video was recently shared on social media. Find out more about her scandal.

Moyo Lawal is a well-known Nollywood actress who has had an active presence in the showbiz industry for quite a while now.

Some of her works can be seen in Jenifa’s Diary, Super Story, Tinsel, and Holding Hope.

Due to her work, Lawal has also won some awards, including the Revelation of the Year at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2012.

Not to mention, Lawal started acting in small play productions. It has been reported that she was convinced by her friend to get involved in the acting line.

Furthermore, Lawal is doing well in her career, and she often gets into the media prominence for various reasons. Currenlty, her name is in the middle of controversy due to her private video.

Moyo Lawal Leaked Video Viral On Telegram

Moyo Lawal is making rounds on the internet as her viral video has been searched by many people on Telegram and other social media platforms.

Recently, a private video of Lawal was leaked on social media in which the actress was seen getting involved in an intimate moment with a man whose name remains unclear.

Moyo Lawal Leaked Video
Moyo Lawal is making rounds on the internet after her private video was leaked on social media. ( Source: Instagram )

In the viral clip, Lawal and the man were performing adult activities, and the man seen in the clip was capturing the moment by himself.

As soon as the clip was posted on Telegram, it went viral on Twitter, and many sources have already shared the viral video that lasted more than 1 minute.

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Moyo Lawal Viral Pictures And Scandal Explained

Moyo Lawal viral footage is trending on the web, and everyone wants to know about the scandal that has dragged the Nollywood actress into the controversy.

In the viral clip, Lawal was seen having a hot moment with a bald and bearded man who recorded the clip by himself. It has been said that Moyo and the man had the time in a hotel room.

Moyo Lawal Viral Footage
Moyo Lawal is in the middle of controversy after her adult video went viral on the internet. ( Source: Instagram )

The incident happened recently, and firstly, it was posted on Telegram, which went viral on Twitter, later leaving everyone shocked.

Due to that, some sources even shared fake videos just to get views on their posts.

The viral tape has gained a huge amount of public attention, and everyone, including Moyo’s fans, is asking for some words from the actress herself.

Has Moyo Lawal Responded To Her Viral Tape?

As of now, Moyo Lawal has not responded to her viral video, but exploring her Instagram posts, it seems like she has fully ignored it.

Some social media accounts have posted a video of Moyo saying that she talked about her recent incident. However, it can’t be confirmed.

Moyo Lawal Responds
Moyo Lawal has not said anything about her viral video, but she posted a photo ignoring everything. ( Source: Instagram )

Hours after her video went viral, Lawal posted a photo of herself in custom looking like a ragged old lady but was seen holding a pestle. 

In the comment section, many of her followers supported Lawal, while some even joked about her viral video and trolled the actress. Some have even requested not to share the video of Moyo. 

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