Msjackyoh Father

Following DC Young Fly’s girlfriend, Msjackyoh’s sudden demise on June, people are searching for details on Msjackyoh father, mother, and siblings. 

Ms Jacky Oh, whose full name is Jacklyn Smith was a social media personality and was last seen on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. She was widely recognized as DC Young Fly’s partner.

Jacky Oh’s boyfriend, DC Young Fly is an American internet personality, actor, comedian, host, and rapper. The pair first met in 2015 during the shoot of the TV series, and although they never married, they were living together raising their three children. 

Jacklyn was a loving partner, a doting mother, and a supportive daughter and after her sudden demise, people have shown a keen interest in her personal life.

As a result, through this piece, we will discuss Msjackyoh’s father, mother, and siblings. 

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Who Is Msjackyoh Father?

Ms Jacky Oh, a stunning social media star, lost her life at the young age of 32 on June 2, 2023, leaving behind her loving family. Following her demise, people are showering tributes all over the internet and they also want to know more about Msjackyoh’s father.

Although the name of Msjackyoh’s father hasn’t been revealed yet, in an interview, she shared that her dad was one of her best friends and they shared a tight-knit bond.

She shared that she could always share little to big things with her dad, such as her periods and the boys she liked.

Furthermore, the father-daughter was even closer to each other since Ms. Jacky Oh was raised solely by her dad.

The social media personality also shared in that interview that her dad raised her with unconditional love and support and that he provided her with everything. 

Msjackyoh Father
Ms Jacky Oh was raised solely by a single father. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, during an interview in DJ Smallz Eyes, when she was asked, “What’s one thing your dad did for you that you will never forget?”

Ms Jacky Oh responded by saying that it was kind of deep, and the fact that she had no mother and was raised by a single dad, she is thankful to him for playing both the role of a father and a mother.

Msjackyoh’s father instilled good values in her, and she said she really looks up to him. Sadly, her dad is going through an extremely tough and hard time after her tragic death. 

He is requesting peace and privacy and has chosen to stay away from the media limelight. 

Meet Jacklyn Smith Mother And Siblings

As stated earlier, Ms Jacky Oh was raised by only her black dad. As a result, details about her mother are not available in the media.

However, when she was asked to speak about her mother, the social media sensation shared that “Couple of years ago, she was there in my life but gradually stopped coming to pick me up and missing her visits. She just stopped coming altogether, but she is out there, living her life.”

Since, Ms Jacky Oh never felt the presence of her mom, even during Mother’s Day, she would make something for her father or her dad’s wife, Maria instead.

Jacklyn’s dad is now happily married to his wife for over two decades and although the social media star never referred to her as her “stepmom”, she shared a beautiful bond with her.

Msjackyoh Father
Msjackyoh’s mother didn’t look after her growing up. (Source: Instagram)

Besides, speaking about her siblings, Ms Jacky Oh grew up alongside her younger brother. However, her sibling has stayed away from the media limelight and very less is known about him. 

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