Kanna Hashimoto Boyfriend

Who is Kanna Hashimoto boyfriend? Find out all the known details about the Japanese actress’ love life.

Kanna Hashimoto is a young and beautiful Japanese actress and former singer.

She is a former member of the Fukuoka-based idol girl group “Rev. from DVL.” Hashimoto began her acting career in 2011 by appearing in the movie “I Wish.”

Some of Hashimoto’s popular movies or dramas include Haruta & Chika, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Kingdom, Gintama, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, and Violence Action.

With her never-ending charisma and exceptional performances, the Fukuoka Prefecture-born artist has captivated the hearts of millions of people in Japan and beyond.

While her professional life is like an open book, many curiosity and questions surround her personal life, particularly her love life.

Her name has been linked with the fellow Japanese artist Nakagawa Taishi in the past. Find out whether or not the two talented actors are dating.

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Kanna Hashimoto Boyfriend: Is She Dating Nakagawa Taishi?

The gorgeous Japanese actress Kanna Hashimoto made a massive buzz following a report that she has a boyfriend.

Kanna Hashimoto Boyfriend
Kanna Hashimoto and Nakagawa Taishi are rumored to be dating. (Image Source: DramaWiki D-Addicts)

Her fans worldwide are eager to know the man who stole the actress’ heart.

At first, some of her fans expressed concern that Kanna’s boyfriend might be a much older man.

For those unversed, many Japanese actresses or women have partnered with the significant age gap.

It turns out that the man rumored to be Kanna Hashimoto boyfriend is no other than the young and handsome actor Taishi Nakagawa.

The two artists have only one year of age gap. According to Josei Jishin’s report in October 2022, Hashimoto and her dog were allegedly seen entering Nakagawa’s apartment.

The article also mentioned that the actor and actress left the residence for their workplace on various occasions.

Many sources have also claimed that Nakagawa’s apartment building’s shuttle was seen waiting outside for Hashimoto’s agency to pick it up.

However, neither Hashimoto nor Nakagawa have confirmed or denied the rumors.

In addition, their agencies dismissed the public’s request, saying, “They leave private matters up to them.”

Therefore, it is not sure whether Nakagawa is Hashimoto’s boyfriend.

Kanna Hashimoto And Nakagawa Taishi Relationship Timeline

Kanna Hashimoto And Nakagawa Taishi crossed paths for the first time 2014 as they co-starred in Fuji TV drama “Suikyuu Yankees.”

Kanna Hashimoto Boyfriend
Her fans will support her regardless of who Kanna Hashimoto’s boyfriend is. (Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

At that time, Kanna appeared in episode 6 of Saikyu Yankees, which starred Taishi.

Although they worked together on the drama, they didn’t get close. The rumored couple reunited in June 2022 while filming for the movie Black Night Parade.

As their dating rumor has been all over the internet, the two artists have been tight-lipid, leaving their fans’ questions unanswered.

However, both Taishi and Kanna’s fans have supported the rumor. Many were relieved to hear that the actress was rumored to be dating an actor of a similar age.

Also, some of their fans have admitted that the two artists will make a great couple. It looks like their fans can’t help but root for them.

Nonetheless, Kanna Hashimoto has a vast loyal fanbase, and they love her for her talent and charisma. Her boyfriend is not a factor in her success or popularity.

Thus, it is safe to say that Kanna Hashimoto’s fans will always support her career, regardless of who her boyfriend is or will be.

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