Noel Hanna Health

Noel Hanna health before death; following the death of the Irish mountain climber, there has been a significant curiosity about his health.

Noel Hanna was a renowned mountain climber from Northern Ireland. Sadly, the 56-year-old adventurer died on Monday (17 April 2023).

Hanna had claimed Mount Everest ten times throughout his career. In 2018, Noel became the first Irish person to summit and descend K2 successfully.

The mountain climber’s family said he lived for the mountain. People have asked if the mountaineer had any illness or health issues before his death.

Thus, today’s article concerns the renowned Irish mountain climber’s health before his tragic death.

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Noel Hanna Health Before Death: Irish Climber Dies On Annapurna

Noel Hanna was passionate about mountains. According to his sister, he was an adventurer who lived for the mountains.

People with pre-existing medical conditions will find it difficult even to travel to higher altitudes. But Noel scaled Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, not once or twice but ten times.

Noel Hanna Health
Noel Hanna doesn’t seem to have had any health issues before his death. (Image Source: Sky News)

As reported by Mountain Homies, a person must have the physical stamina to run many marathons back-to-back days without hesitation to climb mountains in the Himalayas like Everest effectively. Additionally, an individual requires training in high altitudes.

Thus, we assume that the late climber was in good health. Also, Noel Hanna died in Nepal after descending from the Annapurna mountain range, authorities reported Tuesday.

On Monday night, the 56-year-old climber was returning after a successful summit of the 26,545-foot mountain when he passed away at Camp 4.

It is unknown how he died. However, friend Pat Falvy informed Ireland’s RTE that he died at base camp after descending from the top.

From the Annapurna base camp, Mingma Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks informed AFP that his body had been carried down and flown to Kathmandu.

Annapurna Mountain (26,545 ft or 8,091m) is considered one of the most dangerous mountains in the world due to its unpredictable climate, with a 40% fatality rate. The death rate of Annapurna is higher than Everest.

Only a few hundred individuals survived the notoriously dangerous mountain’s ascent and descent.

Noel Hanna Achievements

The representative from the Nepal Ireland Society, Alison Irwin, said Noel Hanna contributed a lot to promoting connections between the two countries.

She said the late climber’s love for Nepal through the mountains was incredible. He was interested in all things about the Himalayan country.

Noel Hanna Health
Noel Hanna also promoted the relationship between Nepal and Ireland. (Image Source: The New York Post)

When Ms. Irwin learned that Mr. Hanna had summited Annapurna this week, she was more than happy. But her first thought was, “Hope he gets down safe.”

Nepal Ireland Society sent Mr. Hanna’s family their sympathies.

According to Ms. Irwin, Mr. Hanna’s finest accomplishment was climbing Burke-Khang’s peak (6942m; 22775ft), which some sherpas reportedly deemed “unclimbable.”

She said, “He was very modest in his accomplishments.”

As mentioned above, Noel called the world’s highest peak ten times. In addition, he climbed the highest peaks on all seven continents.

In 2006, he scaled the highest peak in the world before cycling for two weeks to the Bay of Bengal from the base camp of the route in eastern India. Noel Hanna climbed Mount Everest with his wife, Lynne, in 2016.

During the spring climbing season, Nepal – home to eight of the world’s ten highest peaks – attracts thousands of adventurers.

The government reportedly issued over 700 climbing licenses for different Himalayan peaks this season, including 319 for Everest.

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