Palm Beach Nursing School Scandal

Viewers can observe several headlines around Palm Beach Nursing School Scandal after the news of fake diploma certificate issues in Florida.

Palm Beach Nursing School Scandal is hyped following Operation Nightingale, which reported 7,600 fake nursing diplomas issues in Florida against 25 people.

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According to Federal Prosecutors, three Florida Nursing Schools sold thousands of fake nursing diplomas worth millions in a scheme that allowed aspiring nurses to bypass training to become licensed nurses.

During the Operation Nightingale investigation of fake nursing certificates, all three accredited nursing schools around South Florida Surroundings.

What Is Palm Beach Nursing School Scandal?

Palm Beach Nursing School is famed among people these days after authorities found fabricated nursing certificates during licensing exams in several states of the USA.

Reports claim Federal Prosecutors found 25 people guilty in fake certification cases across several states and are accused of selling more than 7,600 fake nursing degrees to students.

Palm Beach Nursing School Scandal
Fraudulent Nursing Diploma Scheme Leads to Federal Charges Against 25 Defendants (Source: Twitter)

Earlier, the fake certification case was reported while taking licensing exams in several states like Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Texas, where students apparently used fabricated diplomas mark sheets while appearing in the exam.

Per the news from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida, the defendants took part in a scam involving fake diplomas from three South Florida-based nursing schools. 

Why Are People Accused In A Wire Fraud Scheme?

As soon as the reports of fake certification were reported, the Inspector General carried out Operation Nightingale, the Department of Justice and the Health and Human Services Office.

Surprisingly, the schools distributed over 7,600 fraudulent diplomas worth over $100 million or roughly $15,000 per diploma, per the details released by the Federal Prosecutors. 

Based on the investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office indicted sales of two dozen fraudulent nursing school diplomas and academic transcripts accredited by Florida-based nursing schools for the aspiring licensee to work as nurses.

Palm Beach Nursing School accused who were found involved; each defendant faces up to 20 years in prison.

As soon as the reports, the defendants in each case face wire fraud-related charges, and DOJ prosecutes participants in the alleged scheme.

Tragically, Florida is famous for their education standards, and netizens are raising questions about them due to Fake Certification in Nursing, which involves people’s lives.

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Palm Beach Nursing School Scandal Update

On January 25, 2023, Prosecutors revealed the scheme also involved transcripts from the nursing schools for people seeking licenses and jobs as registered nurses, practical nurses and vocational nurses.

Palmbeachpost has released the schools’ names, including the Palm Beach School of Nursing on Military Trail north of Okeechobee Boulevard, Siena College and Sacred Heart International Institute.

During the investigation, authorities found recruiters helped aspiring nurses obtain fake nursing degree diplomas and transcripts from accredited Florida nursing schools.

Palm Beach Nursing School Scandal
The college handed out the fraudulent diploma. (Source:

A special agent of the FBI’s Miami office, Chad Yarbrough, claimed the investigation is hampered because over 7,600 people around the country with fraudulent nursing credentials are potentially in critical healthcare roles treating patients.

What Will Happen To The Accused?

According to the Palm Beach Post, aspiring nurses used fake degrees to qualify for the national nursing board exam.

The nurses with fake certificates will have to reappear in the exams and be eligible to work to become licensed in several states after passing the Liscance exam.

Luckily, once licensed, they might find jobs in the healthcare field.

The Palm Beach Nursing School owner, Johanah Napoleon, pleaded guilty to wire and health care fraud charges.

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