Paradzai Mesi Arrested

Paradzai Mesi  – a Zimbabwean musical artist – has been arrested for allegedly stealing goods at a store. The musician was drinking alcohol a day before the incident. He is currently under police custody. 

Paradzai Mesi is a Zimbabwean musical artist/musician. He is best known for being the leader of the group Njerama Boys.

According to reports, Paradzai Mesi was allegedly caught stealing goods in the store after leaving a neighborhood tavern where he was drinking beer.

But why did the prominent musician steal? What are the circumstances? Follow us till the end to learn all the known facts about the incident.

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Paradzai Mesi Arrested And Charges: Is He In Jail?

Famous Zimbabwean musician Paradzai Mesi was arrested after allegedly being spotted stealing at a grocery store in Glendale on Thursday.

The Njerama Boys’ leader is currently under police custody.

Paradzai Mesi Arrested
Snaps showing Paradzai Mesi after being handcuffed. (Image Source: I Harare)

A witness familiar with the matter said that the musical artist was drinking alcohol all day on Wednesday at the pubs in the Henstone Farm. The same person also claimed that the musician stole from went to the shop on Thursday morning and stole.

Although the artist went to the store with his crew, his team members fled and left him to be arrested.

“Paradzai Mesi, who lives with his family at Kiyawora Farm in Glendale, left his house on Wednesday and spent the entire day drinking beer at a shebeen in Henstone Farm,” said the witness.

“He then went to steal at Mr. Shabau’s shop and was captured stealing food, which he was giving to his accomplices outside the store while he was inside,” added the same person.

Moreover, before he was arrested, the public reportedly beat him until they felt sorry. The community members took him to a police base at Henstone Farm. The authorities transferred the musician to the police station in Glendale, where Paradzai Mesi is now.

The incident has grabbed much attention from the international media and the general public.

The Story From Paradzai Mesi Side

Paradzai Mesi’s side story is different. He claimed he was dragged by unknown people when coming from the shebeen.

The musician added that the people, whom the singer addressed as thieves, forced him to enter the store to pass them the goods from inside.

Paradzai Mesi arrest
Paradzai Mesi claimed that he was dragged by unknown people to the store and ordered to pass goods from the shop. (Image Source: Twitter)

Witnesses of the incident disclosed to the media that the musician’s team fled and left him alone at the scene when he was caught stealing.

The Zimbabwean singer said he couldn’t reject the commands of the supposed robbers. But soon after the alleged thieves realized they were being watched, they fled the scene.

Mesi argues that he is not a criminal and that the robbers who grabbed him utilized him.

Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha, the acting Mashonaland Central police spokesperson, said officers in Glendale had yet to receive a report on the incident.

“We learned about the situation through the grapevine. I’ll speak with our police on the ground, but we’ve heard that Paradzai Mesi has been detained after being found stealing from a grocery,” said the Sergeant Major.

Mesi was born in Mazowe District to Vengesai Mesi. He gained notoriety following the success of his song from the 1980s to the 2000s.

He is married to Patricia Kapadza. Mesi and his wife, Patricia, have seven children. Also, the singer has four more kids from his relationship with two other women.

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