Sylvain Lemarié Wife

Anne Marbeau is the French actor/director Sylvain Lemarié wife. The couple had been married for several years. The late actor’s better half is reported to be an actress.

Sylvain Lemarié was a well-known actor, voice actor and director from France.

He primarily worked as a voice actor in various films, animated series, video games, and television shows. He was best known for his contribution to the entertainment world.

Lemarié lent his voice to several prominent stars such as Clancy Brown, Ron Perlman, Rober Davi, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Jonathan Goldstein, and others.

His work in animated series, including Martin Mystère and Billy and Mandy, adventurers from the beyond, is widely appreciated.

Sadly, the talented personality is no longer with us. He died on 20 April 2023. His family was by his side when he died.

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Who Is Sylvain Lemarié Wife Anne Marbeau?

Sylvain Lemarié was a married man. Anne Marbeau is the wife/widow of the late actor.

Although it is unknown how long the late actor and his spouse had been together, it is safe for us to say that they had been together for several years.

Sylvain Lemarié Death
Sylvain Lemarié’s wife, Anne, is reportedly involved in the entertainment industry as an actress. (Image Source: Transformers Wiki)

Anne Marbeau is reportedly an actress. Lemarié’s better half was involved in several notable projects and television shows during her heyday. The details related to her family and background are yet to be disclosed.

As Sylvain Lemarié and his lady love are involved in the entertainment industry, they must have crossed paths through their work circle and fallen in love.

Moreover, the media has not gotten sight of the late voice actor’s spouse. It is unknown if the pair have any kids together.

Even though Sylvain Lemarié and Anne Marbeau’s time together in this world was brief, they must have had a wonderful time together and made numerous precious memories.

Lemarié’s wife, family, and relatives must be devastated to lose. We wish the mourning family strength to cope during this difficult time.

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Sylvain Lemarié Net Worth And Earning Sources

Sylvain Lemarié had a glorious career as an actor, voice actor, and director. Thus, he must have earned an enormous fortune during his long and fruitful career.

It has been reported that voice actors in France earn €42 537 ($46573.34) as their average annual salary. Likewise, a director in the country pockets annual income that ranges between $55K and 208K 

The late actor-director must have earned according to his worth. Thus, Sylvain Lemarié’s net worth is a considerable sum.

Sylvain Lemarié Career Highlights

The French voice actor began his career in the late 1970s. The skilled actor/director worked on numerous projects.

The late artist was especially active in dubbing works. As already stated, he lent his voice to many renowned actors and animated series.

Sylvain Lemarié, the French actor and voice actor known for his work in animation and video games, passed away on April 20, 2022.
Sylvain Lemarié, the French voice actor and director widely appreciated for his work in dubbing, animation and video games, passed. (Image Source: One Piece Wiki)

In addition, Lemarié lent his voice to different video game characters, such as Kotal Kahn in Mortal Kombat, Marcus Kincaid in the Borderlands series, and Baron Praxis in Jak II: Outlaws.

Sylvain also voiced for a number of Fallout series characters as well as the Redguards in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

To conclude, Sylvain Lemarié will continue to live in the hearts and memories of millions of people worldwide, thanks to his contribution to the entertainment world.

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