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Patrick Buisson maladie (illness) has dragged the eyes of many people online. Keep reading this article till the end to know more about his health issues.

Patrick Buisson was a well-known French political advisor, journalist, and historian known for his involvement in conservative and right-wing politics in France.

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Furthermore, Buisson worked for various media outlets and authored several books focusing on historical and political subjects. However, he became more prominently known for his influence on French politics.

He served as a close advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy during Sarkozy’s tenure as the President of France from 2007 to 2012. Buisson was often credited with shaping Sarkozy’s political strategies, speeches, and messaging during that time.

Currently, everyone close to him is mourning the loss as his death news was confirmed. Everyone now wants to know more about his health issues before his passing.

Patrick Buisson Maladie: Was He Malade (Sick)?

Patrick Buisson maladie (illness) has created a buzz on the web. Following his death on December 26, 2023, people are concerned more about his health issues.

However, none of the verified media sources have given the news about Buisson having serious health issues before his passing.

Patrick Buisson Maladie
Patrick Buisson maladie (illness) has pulled the eyes of many people online. ( Source: Senenews )

According to an online report, Buisson was found dead at his home in Sables-d’Olonne (Vendée) by firefighters on December 26, 2023.

Due to that, the topic of his illness came into the media saying that Patrick may have passed away after dealing with an illness secretly. As of now, nothing can be confirmed but more updates will be shared later.

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Patrick Buisson Health Before His Death 

Patrick Buisson health was fine before his death as none of the verified media outlets have given the news about him having serious health problems.

In the same way, Patrick also kept the information related to his personal life far from the media. It can be said that Buisson may have faced some problems in his health but kept the info private.

Patrick Buisson Health
Patrick Buisson health news has also dragged everyone’s attention but he never said anything openly in the media. ( Source: RTL )

As said earlier, Buisson was found dead in his room and he may had some issues before his passing. Online users have asked many questions about the health condition of Patrick.

Further updates related to this topic may be updated later. The Genius Celebs team also pays a heartfelt condolence to the whole family, friends, relatives, and close ones. 

Did Patrick Buisson Have Cancer?

Following the death of Patrick Buisson, multiple speculations have been raised on the web. People have asked multiple questions about Buisson’s death cause.

At the time of this post, none of the verified media outlets has given the facts regarding this matter. In the same way, nothing can be confirmed how Buisson took his last breath.

Apart from that, online users are making various assumptions about the life of Patrick. Some people are saying that Patrick lost his life after battling cancer.

Patrick Buisson Cancer
Patrick Buisson cancer news is also trending as people are making multiple assumptions. ( Source: Le Parisien )

Some unverified online portals have also noted that Patrick dealt with cancer secretly but it can’t be verified. Buisson was 74 years old at the time of his passing.

Meanwhile, Buisson never opened up about his health issues with the media. So, it remains unclear whether he had cancer or not. 

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