Paul Herbst Suicide

In the wake of the tragic earthquake, speculation has grown about whether Paul Herbst committed suicide because he passed away after returning from Turkey and Syria.

Paul Herbst, the director of Medi Response KZN, passed away on Tuesday.

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The renowned paramedic had just come from a rescue operation in Turkey. His passing was reported by Medi Response on Tuesday.

Paul was a reputable and devoted Leader in the emergency medical services industry. He was well-known for his unshakable dedication to caring for those in need and his love for helping others, which was visible in the job he accomplished daily.

According to Medi Response, Herbst’s passing was a terrible loss for the neighborhood, and everyone who knew him would keenly feel his absence.

Paul Herbst Suicide: Did He Kill Himself?

Paul Herbst did not commit suicide. On February 18th, Herbst passed out at his residence. 

Medi Response
Medi Response said the loss of Herbst was a tremendous blow to the community, and his absence would be deeply felt by all who knew him. (Source: Facebook)

He was taken by emergency personnel to a neighboring hospital. He could not be revived, and shortly after, he passed away. His passing shocked the medical industry, and many people have since expressed their condolences. The medical sector will remember his life and contributions.

Paul will be remembered as a caring and committed healthcare practitioner who touched many people’s lives. His legacy will influence other medical professionals to emulate him and make a difference in their communities.

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In spite of the recent changes, Paul was a longtime employee of IPSS Medical, and his passing is a sorrow for the entire business world.

Who Was Paul Herbst?

Paul Herbst, a well-respected physician with years of experience, had run the branch of Medi Response in KwaZulu-Natal.

It started offering private emergency medical services in 2018. He increased and grew the Company’s offerings, turning it into a well-known and dependable source of emergency medical aid in the area. Paul dedicated his whole professional life to delivering excellent medical treatment to individuals in need, irrespective of their circumstances. 

He consistently placed the needs of his patients first, and he was a shining example of what it means to be a responsible healthcare worker.

Paul came to help Syria and Turkey in the wake of the horrific earthquake that left thousands of people dead or missing as a part of the Medi Response team working under the Gift of The Givers brand.

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Herbst had just returned from a medical aid mission in Turkey, where he and his team had helped those impacted by the earthquake earlier this month.

Paul Herbst Wife Linda Herbst: Meet His Family

Herbst leaves behind his wife, Linda Herbst, and two children, who have asked for privacy during this difficult time. 

Paul Herbst wife
Paul Herbst, with Wife Linda Herbst. (Source:

Linda served as Nomini Recruitment’s Director and Associate of Mining, and she surely provided Paul with unwavering support throughout his professional life. She was always there to support him and give him the inspiration he required to change the world.

The funeral’s specifics have not yet been made public by the family. The unfortunate loss of Paul Herbst serves as a reminder of the risks that medical professionals face every day while performing their jobs. 

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His passing caused a significant loss to the medical profession and everyone whose lives he touched throughout his career.

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