Rakesh Kamal Suicide

Rakesh Kamal Suicide Case is trending all over the internet. Rakesh Kamal attended Stanford University, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Boston University before graduating.

Teena, the spouse of Rakesh Kamal, attended Delhi University and Harvard University. (File)

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Rakesh Kamal,57, and Teena Kamal,54, an Indian couple, and their daughter Arianna,18, were discovered dead in their Massachusetts home.

Police described the incident as a “tragedy” involving domestic abuse and said that a firearm had been discovered close to the husband’s corpse.

Although all three family members’ causes of ***** were kept a secret, officials are waiting on the medical examiner’s decision before classifying the deaths as ******-suicides.

Rakesh Kamal suicide case has become one of the trending topics online and people are mourning his *****.

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Rakesh Kamal Suicide Case: Shot Himself After ******** Wife Teena And Daughter Arianna

Rakesh Kamal Suicide Case is all over the internet. Following autopsy results, medical officials in the US state of Massachusetts have determined that the deaths of rich Indian-origin couple Rakesh and Teena Kamal, as well as their daughter Arianna Kamal, were a ******-suicide, according to a report by news agency PTI.

On December 28, the three were discovered dead at their $5 million estate in Dover, Massachusetts, and a gun was discovered next to Rakesh Kamal’s corpse.

In a press statement, Norfolk district attorney Michael Morrissey stated that the chief medical examiner’s office had verified that Teena and her daughter Arianna had been murdered by gunshot.

According to the news statement, Rakesh Kamal died from a “gunshot wound consistent with being self-inflicted.”

Rakesh Kamal Suicide
Rakesh Kamal suicide case is all over the internet and this has made huge news all over the world. (Source: WCVB)

Rakesh most likely used a Glock 22 in.40 caliber, according to the statement, which also noted that the gun’s complete forensic and ballistics testing had not yet been completed.

The press announcement made clear that Rakesh lacked the necessary authorization to possess the rifle and that it was not registered in his name.

The Massachusetts State Police have requested that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ascertain the firearm’s provenance.

Autopsy Findings Of This Case

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s autopsy results, according to the office of Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey, confirm that Teena and her daughter Arianna were killed by gunshot.

“Gunshot wound consistent with being self-inflicted” was the cause of Rakesh’s *****. It is anticipated that the final autopsy report will be finished in the upcoming weeks.

The statement went on to state that although complete forensic and ballistics testing of the weapon has not been completed, it is consistent with a Glock 22 in.40 caliber that was found with Rakesh.

But the press release also stated that Rakesh “was not licensed to possess it” and that the gun was not registered in his name.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been contacted by the Massachusetts State Police to seek their help in tracing the provenance of the firearm.

The Massachusetts State Police and Dover are still looking into the event.

Morrissey stated last week that the preliminary inquiry showed the incident was an instance of domestic abuse and did not show any evidence of outside participation.

More Details On This Suicide Case

The DA stated that the only people residing in the mansion at the time were the deceased family members and that the neighborhood—which is among the wealthiest in the state—was a pleasant and secure one.

Before, Teena and her husband, Rick, had operated an education systems business named EduNova, which is now closed.

Online data seem to indicate that the couple had financial difficulties a while back. According to state documents, their firm was established in 2016 but was dissolved in December 2021.

As the company’s chief operational officer, Teena was identified on the EduNova website as having graduated from Delhi University in India and Harvard University.

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