Joey Jordison Gay

Was Joey Jordison Gay Or Did He Have Wife? He was an American musician, who recently died and netizens are curious to know about his sexuality.

In the heavy metal band Slipknot, where he was ranked #1, he was the original drummer and co-founder. He also played guitar for the horror punk supergroup Murderdolls.

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With his parents and two sisters, Jordison grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. When he was eight years old, he received his first drum set.

Early in his career, he played with a variety of bands. In 1995, he joined a group called the Pale Ones, who would eventually alter their name to Slipknot.

From the band’s founding until his exit in December 2013, Jordison was a member of Slipknot. Joey was the third member of Slipknot’s original nine-piece lineup to join.

In addition, he founded Scar the Martyr and served as its drummer. The band split up in 2016.

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According to his family’s statement the next day, Jordan passed away peacefully on July 26, 2021, at the age of 46.

Later, records of a 911 call made by Jordison’s ex-girlfriend Amanda Victoria were made public.

In it, she reported that Jordison’s family had not heard from him in days and that she had noticed a bad smell when she entered the garage of his house.

As his ***** news spread online many people were curious to know about his sexuality. Was Joey Jordison gay or did he have a wife? Let’s find out.

Was Joey Jordison Gay Or Did He Have a Wife?

Joey Jordison Gay rumors are all over the internet. As of right present, no information on Jordan’s sexual orientation has been made public.

Although Joey has not discussed his sexual orientation, he was undoubtedly heterosexual and, based only on appearances, a very manly man who admired the LGBTQ+ community.

Joey was one of the original members of the well-known rock metal group Slipknot.

Many heavy metal fans want to know if the famous musician is married or has a girlfriend. We look at his dating past and present Amanda Victoria, his current girlfriend.

Joey Jordison Gay
Joey Jordison gay rumors are not true as he was currently dating his girlfriend Amanda. (Source: Reddit)

Musician Joey Jordison never got married and never had kids. Amanda Victoria was his girlfriend, although, at the time of his *****, he was committed to another lady.

He had dated a few women in his early years before then, but he was never truly devoted to any of them to get married.

Although the specifics of his connection were kept private, some vintage pictures of him are available online.

Relationship With Amanda Victoria

Although Joey maintained extreme secrecy about his personal life, model Amanda Victoria is said to have been his lover at the time of his passing.

In an old 2018 Christmas post, Jordan included Victoria in the caption and wished his followers a merry holiday season “from our home to you & yours.”

Victoria divides her time between her Florida home and Iowa. To the best of our knowledge, Joey Jordison and Amanda Victoria are not parents.

She was a frequent participant in the heavy metal music scene and even socialized with bands like Korn and The Children Of Bodom.

Joey Jordison with Amanda
Joey Jordison with his girlfriend Amanda. (Source: Famous Fix)

Together, Murray, McGee, Milo, Maximus, and Maverick make up the couple’s five cats. Under the handle The Pussy Posse, they even have a personal Instagram account.

Before Joey Jordison’s current relationship, Lexa Vonn, a fashion designer, and performer were linked to Mariliyn Manson.

Additionally, it was speculated that during his early Slipknot days, he dated Talena Atfield, the bassist for the band Kittie.

It was also rumored that the drummer was considering relationships with model Illyria Jade and a woman named Abby Franklin, in addition to having a brief affair with designer Kim Dylla.

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