Reggie Ray Jail

Reggie Ray was named the fifth person involved in the Montgomery boat dock brawl. Find out the detail about the incident, including Reggie Ray jail sentence and charges details.

Reggie Ray is the man who was seen wielding a chair in the Montgomery riverfront brawl that went viral on social media. He turned himself into the authority on Friday (12 August 2023).

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The Montgomery police department has confirmed that the  45-year-old man is the person who was seen wielding a chair in the viral clip of the fight.

Follow us till the end to learn the details about the fight and Reggie Ray’s whereabouts.

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Is Reggie Ray In Jail? Montgomery Brawl Chair Fight Video Gone Viral

Yes. Reggie Ray is currently in jail. After he turned himself into the police, he was held in the city jail.

The Montgomery Police Department confirmed the fact via a news release. Moreover, Reggie Ray was charged with charged with disorderly conduct.

Reggie Ray Jail
The Montgomery boat dock brawl video went viral. (Image Source: Fox News)

His first court appearance is reportedly scheduled for Monday, 14 August 2023. He is the fifth person charged in the violent brawl.

A witness confirmed that a racial slur was used.

According to CNN, whether there was enough evidence to file charges. However, the activities did not match the standards for a hate crime or instigating a riot.

The incident sparked outrage and controversy over whether it was racially motivated.

Moreover, the brawl footage has gone viral and is widely shared on several online platforms.

Police Asked The Man Seen Weilding Chair To Contact Them

At a press conference on Tuesday, Police Chief Darryl Albert urged the person wielding the chair to call the police. Wednesday saw the issuance of Ray’s arrest warrant.

Reggie Ray Jail
Besides Reggie Ray, four other people have been charged in connection to the Montgomery boat dock brawl. (Image Source: CNN)

Reggie Ray turned himself in on Friday. As mentioned above, he has been charged and is in police custody.

Besides Ray, four other people have been charged. Mary Todd, Richard Roberts, Allen Todd, and Zachery Shipman have been charged with different counts of third-degree assaults.

All four are White and are reportedly scheduled to be arraigned on 1 September.

What Exactly Happened?

The fight involved a group of white people attacking a black co-captain of a riverboat, who was trying to move their pontoon boat that was illegally parked.

It took only a few minutes for the fight to escalate into a widespread brawl, resulting in people being thrown into the river and several being handcuffed.

The viral footage shows that many people witnessed and recorded the b.rawl.

According to MPD, the incident began shortly before 7 pm Saturday on the dock along the Alabama River.

Police units were dispatched to the location (the 200 block of Coosa Street)in response to a disturbance.

Officers arrived on the scene to find a large group of people engaged in a physical conflict.

During a press conference on Tuesday, MPD Chief Darryl Albert provided the details of the brawl.

Albert stated that the incident began when private boat owners refused to move their boats away from where the city-owned Harriot II Riverboat docks.

For 45 minutes, the boat’s skipper attempted to communicate via a PA system.

On the other hand, the private boat owners threw obscenities at the Harriot and refused to move their boat, according to the chief.

Later, the co-captain boarded a smaller boat and proceeded to the pier in an attempt to persuade the boat owners to move, which resulted in a physical altercation.

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