Reto Clonazepam Tiktok

The ‘ Reto Clonazepam challenge,’ a TikTok challenge, poisoned eight minors in Mexican schools.

Seizures in adults and children are treated with this medication. It’s also used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks.

Five students from Mexico City and three from Nuevo León have been affected by the use of anxiolytics in the last 48 hours. The capital’s authorities warn of the dangers of following this trend.

In recent days, the Cybernetic Police Unit of Mexico City’s Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) warned of a TikTok challenge that encourages minors to injure themselves and endanger their lives.

Authorities have discovered that the trend has spread throughout Mexico. Paramedics from Mexico City’s Rescue and Emergency Medical Squad (ERUM) treated eight students at the Francisco I. Madero school in the San Rafael neighborhood.

What Is Reto Clonazepam On Tiktok? 

The “clonazepam challenge,” meaning “whoever sleeps last, wins,” is a viral TikTok challenge that has been a source of concern for authorities in Mexico City since early January when they warned of the dangers of following this type of trend. 

Reto Clonazepam tiktok
Video screenshots of three young people on Tik Tok talking about the viral Reto clonazepam tiktok challenge. (Source: elpais)

Minors’ lives are “threatened” as a result of this. Eight Mexican students, five from the capital and three from Nuevo León, have been poisoned in their respective schools in the last 48 hours with anxiolytics, drugs with tranquilizing effects that require a prescription.

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Five of them have been diagnosed with potential poisoning, with three being hospitalized as a precaution. According to authorities, the minors are in good health. For those who use it, the drug can cause extreme sleepiness, increased saliva production, muscle or joint pain, and blurred vision.

How To Do Reto Clonazepam Challenge?

The authorities frame the Reto Clonazepam challenge as a battle against the sedative effects of anxiolytics. 

Young people bring anxiolytics to school, take them, and wait for the effects. As the name implies, the winner of the challenge is the last person to fall asleep. Since the beginning of January, the viral challenge has spread to other Mexican states. Seven students from a Veracruz school became intoxicated after consuming this drug on the 9th. 

Reto Clonazepam.
Clonazepam has some side effects in those who consume it without prescription. (Source: elfinanciero)

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Cuitláhuac Garca, the territory governor, announced that the youths had 30 clonazepam pills and that the Executive would investigate the situation and punish those responsible.

500 Incidents From The Challenge Involving Mexican Minors

The Cybernetic Police of Mexico City, which is in charge of monitoring and carrying out “patrols” via the Internet, was notified at the beginning of the month of the risk of carrying out this and other network-distributed challenges. 

The authority identified approximately 500 incidents involving Mexican minors due to this challenge in 2022.

Despite repeated warnings from various authorities, this newspaper has not found TikToks with the characteristics described by the Cyber Police, even though videos labeled “clonazepam” have 82 million views. 

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According to the SSC, three minors were taken by ERUM personnel to a hospital for specialized medical attention. In comparison, two minors remained with relatives who decided to carry out the transfer independently. Fortunately, none of the students who took part have been reported seriously ill.

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