Robert Card was the major prime suspect of the Maine Mass shooting

Lewiston, Maine Shooter Robert Card brother Ryan Card has been the people’s concern. Here is everything you can explore about Ryan’s family and the age gap with his brother. 

Robert Card is identified as a person of interest in connection to mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine. The mass shooting has left many families heartbroken. 

According to the sources, 22 died in the incident, and over 50 people were injured. The official has released Multiple photos and posts where Robert has been seen carrying an AR-15-style rifle with a laser optic. 

The name Robert emerged the most after the news about the mass shooting was officially shared on the internet. 

Additionally, this horrific mass shooting has sparked considerable interest in his personal life, including questions about his siblings and their age gap. 

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Who Is Lewiston Maine Shooter Robert Card Brother Ryan Card?

Ryan Card is the brother of Robert Card, who is reported to be the shooting suspect in Lewiston, Maine.

Since being identified as the suspect in the recent Lewiston Maine, he has been making rounds online, and everyone on the internet sources has been asking questions related to his personal life.

The shooting suspect’s family is also in the media prominence as they have also talked about Robert’s life, saying that his mental health has deteriorated.

Apart from that, Robert is not the only child of his parents, as he also has a brother named Ryan. Ryan has also said something about his brother in the media.

Robert Card Brother Ryan Card
Robert Card’s brother Ryan Card is making headlines on the internet after Robert’s name was linked with the Maine Mass Shooting. (Source: Telegraph)

While talking to CNN, Ryan said the family had helped the police department in any possible way and also urged Robert to surrender.

CNN also reported that the brother did not say whether Robert responded to his family’s attempts at contact. Further information related to Ryan’s personal and professional life is not accessible in the media sources.

Robert Card And Ryan Card Age Gap

Robert Card and Ryan Card have some years of an age gap. However, no details related to Ryan’s birth are accessible in the media sources.

According to an online report, Ryan’s brother Robert is 41 years old. Due to that, many people have speculated that Ryan may also be in the same range.

Robert Card And Ryan Card Age Gap
Robert Card and Ryan Card must have a few years of age gap, as it hasn’t been officially shared on the internet sources. (Source: Telegraph)

However, no info can be given about Ryan’s early life as the media outlets have not been given yet. When the news of Robert being named the shooting suspect, online users got more curious about his personal life.

So, it can be said that further information related to Ryan and his brother may be shared in the coming years.

Who Is Ryan Card Wife Katie Card?

Robert Card’s brother, Ryan Card, is happily married to his beloved wife, who goes by the name of Katie Card. The Card couple have been married for a while now and are still together.

However, no information about their married life is accessible in the media outlets. All the family members of Robert came into the media prominence recently.

Ryan Card Family
Robert Card’s brother Ryan Card is happily married to his wife, Katie. (Source: India Today)

Katie has also said something about Robert with the media while interviewing. Katie said Robert was experiencing a manic belief that everyone was against him. Despite his belief, the family tried to convince him.

Katie also disclosed that the family alerted both police and Card’s Army Reserve base that Robert was experiencing what Katie described as an acute mental health episode in the week before he opened the shooting.

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