Ryan Higa is an American YouTube personality, comedian, actor, and producer with a net worth of $10 million as of November, 2023.

He is of Japanese heritage and also the owner of the YouTube channels NigaHiga and Higa TV.

Apart from that, he mostly publishes comedic videos, skits, and pop culture commentary.

Ryan Higa (Source: Pinterest)

Also, his films have a great production quality, which has helped him gain over 20 million subscribers on his YouTube accounts.

Interestingly, he’s also known for repeating the slogan ‘TEEHEE’ throughout all of his videos.

Furthermore, Ryan Higa was included on Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 most important men in 2017.

Other than that, the Youtuber has been nominated for six Streamy Awards, and five Teen Choice Awards.

Quick Facts

Let’s take a look inside Ryan Higa’s life.

Full Name Ryan Higa
Net Worth $10 million
Nickname Nigahiga
Profession Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Youtuber
Age 33 Year Old
 Date of Birth June 6, 1990
Birth Hilo, Hawaii
Citizenship United States (USA)
Residence Texas
Ethnicity Okinawan
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Language English
Height 5 ft 6 in (173 cm)
Weight 69 kg (152 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown Eyes
Body Size 34- 30 -34
Education Qualification University
School Waiakea High School
University University of Nevada
Father’s Name Wendell Higa
Mother’s Name Luci Higa
Brother’s Name Kyle Higa
Dating History Arden Cho (20219-2020)

Tarynn Nago (2006- 2010)

Marital Status Unmarried
Children 0
Years Active 2006 – present
Hobbies Listening to music
Favorite Sport Bowling
Favorite Destination Guiin and Bora Bora
Favorite Food Gujrati
Favorite Music Qawalis
Favorite Food Gujrati
Favorite Colour Crayola or Champagne
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube
Website http://higatv.com/
Last Update November, 2023

Net worth and Income

Apparently, most of his wealth is generated from his widely popular videos on his YouTube channels.

Interestingly, he generates average revenue of $2,000 daily, which amounts to $720,000 annually.

Moreover, his very own production company, investments, and endorsements also add to his wealth.

Combining all his income sources, Ryan Higa’s net worth as of November, 2023 is $10 million

Net Worth: Ryan Higa in Various Currencies

Let’s look into Ryan Higa’s net worth in other currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 2,533,890
Pound Sterling £ 2,157,735
Australian Dollar A$ 4,064,931
Canadian Dollar C$ 3,763,590
Indian Rupee ₹ 222,582,450
BitCoin ฿ 76

Ryan Higa House & Cars


Higa has a mansion worth over $1 million dollars.

This was verified by tax policy since he must pay $19,250 in property taxes each year.

Ryan Higa House (Source:informationcradle.com)

He also pays $3,661,250 in federal taxes, $241,161 in FICA taxes, $858,957 in state taxes, and $387,165 in local taxes off his $10 million net worth.


Maserati GTS Gransport

The Youtuber is not much big of a car fanatic and reportedly owns a Maserati GTS Gransport costing $125,000.

Moreover, with a 3.8L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas engine, the car had claimed a top speed of 290 km/h.

Ryan Higa Lifestyle and Vacations


Higa attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and majored in filmmaking.

He also participated in Judo and is a black belt in the sport.

Nigahiga is a combination of the Japanese term “niga,” which means “rant,” and his surname.

He has a lively personality and delivers a lot of joy, inventiveness, and passion, making him one of the well-liked online personalities.

Ryan was unfortunately subjected to racism as a youngster, which is likely why he responds favorably to criticism and remains upbeat and cheerful.


Ryan loves taking trips with his close friends.

The Youtuber took a trip to Indonesia with his friends back in 2010.

Apart from that, he also took a trip to Disneyland and documented the epic trip on his Youtube channel.


Ryan Higa Foundation

The Ryan Higa Foundation is a Hilo, Hawaii-based counseling support group whose purpose is to advise and support terminally sick children.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications


Higa is most known for his YouTube channel, Nigahiga, which has a large following.

Moreover, Ryan started the channel alongside his pals Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, and Tarynn Nago (known as “The Yabo Crew”),

However,  after relocating to Las Vegas to attend UNLV, he’s done most of his videos solo.

While still students at Waiakea High School, Higa and Fujiyoshi began making YouTube videos in mid-2006.

Also, the pair lip-synched to tunes in these videos.

They quickly moved beyond songs, offering a variety of other humorous pieces. His pals made cameo appearances on occasion.

Over 3.8 billion people have watched his YouTube comedy videos.

Higa’s YouTube channel, Nigahiga, has over 21 million followers as of August 2018.

From 2009 to 2011, his YouTube channel had the most subscribers for 677 days in a row.

On Nigahiga, the multitalented YouTuber has more than 21.4 million subscribers, 407 videos, and 4.3 billion views.

Furthermore, HigaTV, his second YouTube channel, has more than 4 million followers and 640 videos.

Ryan creates high-quality material and receives about 280,000 daily views from his hundreds of videos.

Moreover, this channel produces an estimated $2,000 per day ($720,000 per year) in YouTube advertisements.

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Movies and Television

In 2010, he also appeared in the film “Gent of Electronic Stuff.” which was рrоduсеd by Wоng Fu Prоduсtоn.

Some of his friends and big Yuubеrs, such as Anthony Adlla and D-r, appeared in his movie.

Furthermore, in 2016, Rуаn and a friend formed a hip-hop parody group called ‘Boys Gеnеrаllу Asia.’

He made his acting debut in the film Tell Me How I Die, in which he appeared in 2016.

He won, Three Streamy Awards and a Young Hollywood Award.

Ryan has also done Youtube series and movies like ‘Ѕmоѕh Ваbіеѕ,’ ‘YоuТubе Аѕѕаѕѕіn,’ ‘Nіnја Меlk,’  ‘Ѕuраh Nіnјаѕ,’ ‘ ‘Ѕmоѕh,’ ‘Тhе Вооk Сlub.’ ‘Тhе Ѕtаtіоn,’ ‘Му К-Рор Воуfrіеnd,’ ‘аnd Іntеrnеt Ісоn 2’.


Higa began broadcasting on Twitch in 2020, where he responds to his previous videos and broadcasts video game material, most notably in Valorant.

He has around 21 million YouTube subscribers and 500,000 Twitch followers as of April 2021.


Ryan Higa Productions: Boys Generally Asian

Ryan Higa Production Firm, his own production company, was founded by him.

In 2016, Higa formed Boys Generally Asian, a spoof K-pop group.

David Choi, Philip Wang, Jun Sung Ahn, and Justin Chon formed a K-pop band with Ryan Higa in 2016.

Also, BGA was named after the all-female band Girls Generation. “Dong Saya Dae,” their debut single, with over 16 million YouTube views.

The song was intended to be a broad parody of all K-pop songs, with comedy lyrics, but it surprisingly reached number two on the official iTunes K-pop rankings.

BGA’s second song, “Who’s It Gonna Be,” was published in 2017, and it was a more serious song than the first, albeit it was still a parody.

Importantly, This song outperformed the first by hitting the top of the K-pop charts.

Also, the band was a big hit, with their debut track reaching number two on the iTunes K-pop charts and their second single reaching number one.


In 2018, Higa started the “Off the Pill” podcast, which included YouTubers and celebrities including KevJumba, Andrew Yang, and Jeremy Lin.


In April 2015, Victorious Inc. published the “TeeHee” app.

Apparently, it served as a hub for Ryan Higa followers and was supported by “pre-roll advertisements, sponsored content, e-commerce, and in-app transactions.”

The service was decommissioned in April of 2017. 

Ninja Meik

Ninja Melk, LLC was created by Higa, Kathleen Hahn, and Kyle Schroeder in 2016.

In May 2016, they released their name-brand energy drink.

Also, it took three years to create the drink, which is named after Higa’s short film.

On October 19, 2019, Higa promoted the drink by uploading a stop motion short film to the nigahiga YouTube account.

That didn’t deter him, though.

Also, Higa released more flavors in 2020 after the energy drink’s great popularity in European markets.


Aside from his YouTube profits, Ryan makes a lot of money from endorsing businesses and advertising items.


He’s also promoted large companies like Lenovo.

Moreover, Higa’s partnership with Lenovo was a standout, and it helped the laptop maker connect with a younger audience.

Lenovo, which had previously been renowned for producing business-oriented laptops, became a viral hit.

Also, it has since been successful in engaging with broader audiences as a result of the arrangement.

Book Publications

Ryan Higa wrote a book called How to Write Good,” which has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

Furthermore, Ryan Higa, one of YouTube’s most popular creators, has written an unusual, irreverent, yet poignant biography.

Ryan Higa Book (Source: Amazon.com)

With images! And there are illustrations! And then there’s the matter of language. It was also the New York Times bestseller.


Ryan’s account, Nigahiga, was also momentarily disabled in 2009, and he had to erase all of the lip-synching videos.

Nothing, however, could stop the YouTube sensation from becoming a household name.

Apart from that, he quickly picked up on it and began to make his own songs.

Furthermore, his popularity grew steadily, and from 2009 to 2011, Nigahiga was the most subscribed YouTube channel.

He also worked with Wong Fu Productions on the short films Ninja Melk and Agents of Secret Stuff during this period.

3 Facts about Ryan Higa

  • For YouTube creators, Ryan received the Gold Creator Award in 2012 and the Diamond Creator Award in 2016. He was chosen for the Streamy Award numerous times.
  • He studied Nuclear Medicine at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.
  • Ryan Higa has helped create the YOMFYOMF Network, which hosts the online video-making talent competition Internet Icon. He acted as one of the judges, just as Simon Cowell has introduced talent competitions to other country regions.

FAQs on Ryan Higa

What happened to NigaHiga, a popular YouTuber? Why isn’t he uploading videos on YouTube?

According to what I understand, he wanted to take a break and develop something fresh because he was dissatisfied with the previous films he had posted.

What is the meaning of RHPC?

Ryan Higa Productions is a company founded by Ryan Higa.

The Ryan Higa Production Business, or RHPC, is a production company created by Ryan Higa and composed of the team behind the nigahiga and HigaTV films.

The word was originally used in Ryan’s thank-you video for his 5 million members.

What is Ryan Higa’s source of income?

Ryan Higa’s YouTube channel NigaHiga has 4,344,128,314 total video views. With a $2 CPM, his total YouTube earnings would be $8,688,256.

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