sahil khan stabbing

The murderer, Sahil Khan Parents, is in people’s search as his dad has also been arrested for the investigation. Sahil killed a 16-year-old girl by stabbing her over 20 times. 

Sahil Khan is the murderer who was arrested on Monday from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar. The footage of the incident is all over the media platforms. 

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Khan and Sakshi had known each other for over a year but became close a few months back. After the incident, Khan switched off his phone and threw it in a drain near Gupta Colony, which has been recovered now. 

That night, Sahil slept at a park and went to Anand Vihar in the morning. Again, Khan took a bus and went to his aunt’s home from where the killer was held. 

The incident shocked the people, and further investigation was carried out. Similarly, BSEH Exam revealed his father, Mohammad Sarfaraz, has also been arrested for interrogation. 

Following that, everyone on the internet has been asking more questions regarding Sahil’s family background.

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Delhi Crime Sahil Khan Parents: Father Mohammad Sarfaraz And Mother

Khan is close to his family, his father, Mohammad Sarfaraz and his mother, whose name is yet to be revealed. Unfortunately, nothing much has been shared about his family members.

Sahil Khan Parents
The news of Sahil Khan stabbing his girlfriend Sakshi has gained huge public attention and is criticized by many. (Source: Twitter)

As per some sources, his father is a welder. They also used to have a shop that was run by his mother. Khan also has three sisters; two are studying, and one is working. 

The sources claimed that his father, Mohammad, is currently being taken for investigation, so that further details might be updated soon. 

On the other hand, nothing more has been shared about Sakshi’s parents yet. Similarly, she was living with her friend Neetu for 15 days. 

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Sahil Khan And Sakshi Relationship

Sahil Khan and the victim, Sakshi, were dating for a few months. Before being in a relationship with each other, Sahil and Sakshi knew each other for a long time. 

After knowing one another for some time, they began dating in June 2021. Not much is known about the duo’s relationship timeline, as the duo made headlines only after the ****** case. 

It is believed that their relationship was not going well. Their fight started when Sahil allegedly saw a tattoo of another boy on his girlfriend’s forearm. 

Sakshi ******
Sahil Khan murdered his young girlfriend Sakshi, with whom he began a romantic relationship in June 2021. (Source: Twitter

After that, Khan lost his mind, possibly triggering him to ****** Sakshi. Some sources have also revealed that Khan had bought a knife that was also used to slaughter Sakshi. 

One of Sakshi’s friends has also come forward and talked with the media saying that Sahil was angry with his girlfriend for not speaking to him. 

Also, Khan was angry with Sakshi for her friendship with an old friend named Praveen, which made him jealous. So, he murdered his partner, and the video of his cruel act has gone viral on social media.

When Sahil stabbed Sakshi multiple times, it was captured on a CCTV camera, and police have also released the tape that has taken over social media handles. 

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