Pat Dodson Illness

Prominent Australian politician Pat Dodson illness and health issues forced him to announce his retirement from the Senate.

Senator Pat Dodson is a renowned Australian politician and activist who represents Western Australia in the Australian Senate.

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The Western Australia native is also a member of the Australian Labor Party and a Yawuru elder from Broome, Western Australia.

Dodson, who is often referred to as the “Father of Reconciliation,” has been active in the political scene for three decades.

Sadly, the senator is currently under treatment for cancer. he recently announced that he will retire for further treatment.

Following this announcement there has been much concern about his health and illness. Here is what you should know.

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Senator Pat Dodson Illness: Battling With Cancer

Yes. Pat Dodson has cancer. He is currently undergoing treatment. He has fought for his people, land, justice, and peace.

But the politician is now fighting against a silent enemy and nasty disease, cancer.

Pat Dodson Illness
Pat Dodson is battling cancer and has been on a long medical leave. (Image Source: ABC)

The Indigenous Western Australian senator is known as the “Father of Reconciliation” for his decades-long work advocating Aboriginal affairs.

Due to cancer, Dodson has been on leave for an extended period of time.

Senator Dodson’s contributions to the cause of reconciliation have been immense. He served as a Commissioner into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and was the first Chair of Reconciliation Australia.

As a commissioner, he explored the underlying challenges, the legal, cultural, and socioeconomic causes that were causing Aboriginal people to be arrested at far too high a rate.

Moreover, Pat listened to hundreds of Aboriginal people, custodial workers, police, lawyers, and academics, held town meetings, and spoke to anyone he could find who might have solutions to help keep Indigenous people out of prison.

These discussions strengthened Senator Dodson’s opinion that giving people say in issues that affect them gives them agency and leads to better outcomes.

Senator Dodson’s battle with cancer has been a difficult one, but he has shown remarkable resilience and determination.

Pat Dodson To Retire Due To Health Issue

Labor senator Pat Dodson revealed that he will step down from federal politics on 26 January 2023.

Pat Dodson Illness
Pat Dodson is a prominent Australian politician. (Image Source: The Guardian)

He chose to resign on Australia Day after taking a long medical break from the Senate. Senator Dodson said his cancer treatment had made him incapable of serving further.

“My health, although gradually getting better, has prevented me from performing adequately my duties as a senator,” he said.

Senator Dodson expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as a senator for Western Australia and said that it has been a privilege.

“It has been a privilege to serve as senator for Western Australia.”

He also expressed sadness over the failure of the Voice to Parliament’s referendum and said that he departs with a sense of sadness.

He believes that the referendum would have benefited the country if it had received an affirmative response.

At a media briefing in Parliament House, the 75-year-old also said that he felt sad to leave after the Voice to Parliament’s referendum failure.

“I do depart this place with some sense of sadness, in that as a nation we failed to respond affirmatively to the referendum. I think that would have benefited our country,” he said.

We wish Senator Pat Dodson a speedy recovery and hope that he continues to contribute to the betterment of society in any way he can.

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