Soekarno Tape Scandal

Get updates on the Soekarno tape scandal. Let’s find out about what the blackmailing case is about and its relevance in 2023. 

Sukarno was the first president of Indonesia and a prominent leader of the Non-Aligned Movement.

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The controversial Soekarno tape scandal, purportedly linking former Indonesian president Sukarno with a Soviet female spy, has once again captured public attention.

Indonesian authorities have initiated a fresh investigation into this decades-old intrigue.

Dating back to the 1950s, the tape allegedly served as a tool for the Soviet Union’s blackmail tactics against Sukarno.

However, its whereabouts have remained a mystery for years. The tape’s legitimacy has long been a subject of debate, with numerous historians and experts casting doubts on its authenticity.

As this historical saga resurfaces, it reopens old wounds and prompts renewed scrutiny, underscoring the intricate intersections of politics, espionage, and memory.

Soekarno Tape Scandal: What Is The Blackmailing Case About?

The Soekarno tape scandal refers to a purported *** tape that captured the intimate moments between Sukarno and a woman who was allegedly a Soviet spy.

The tape was supposedly recorded by the KGB, the Soviet intelligence agency, in an attempt to coerce Sukarno into supporting the communist cause in Indonesia and abroad.

According to some sources, the tape was shown to Sukarno by the Soviet ambassador in Jakarta, who threatened to expose it to the world if Sukarno did not comply with their demands.

Sukrano Tape Scandal
Both the CIA and KGB attempted to blackmail this world leader using compromising *** tapes. (Image Source: Medium)

However, Sukarno was not intimidated by the tape and instead asked for extra copies to show to his friends and allies.

He reportedly boasted that he had “conquered” the spy and that he was proud of his sexual prowess.

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The tape scandal became widely known after it was mentioned in a book by former CIA agent Joseph Burkholder Smith, who claimed that he had seen the tape while working in Indonesia.

He also claimed that the CIA had tried to use the tape against Sukarno, but failed to do so. The book, titled Portrait of a Cold Warrior, was published in 1976 and sparked a lot of controversy and debate.

Soekarno Tape Scandal Resurfaced in 2023

The tape scandal regained relevance in 2023 after a new investigation was launched by the Indonesian authorities, claiming they received new leads about the whereabouts and authenticity of the tape.

The investigation was initiated by the National Commission on Human Rights, which said that it wanted to uncover the truth behind the scandal and its impact on Sukarno’s legacy and human rights.

The investigation was also supported by some of Sukarno’s relatives and followers, who said that they wanted to clear his name and reputation from the smear campaign that had been waged against him by his enemies and detractors.

Sukrano Tape Scandal 2023
Indonesian President Sukarno pictured sharing cigarettes with Krushchev of the USSR. (Image Source:

They argued that the tape scandal was part of a larger conspiracy to undermine Sukarno’s role in Indonesia’s history and independence.

However, the investigation also faced some opposition and criticism from some quarters, who questioned its motives and validity.

They argued that the tape scandal was irrelevant and outdated and that it had no bearing on Indonesia’s current situation and challenges.

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They also doubted that the tape ever existed or that it could be found after so many years. The investigation is still ongoing and has not yet reached any conclusive results.

The Komnas HAM said that it would continue to pursue all possible leads, including contacting some former KGB agents and CIA operatives who had information about the tape.

The commission also said that it would cooperate with other countries and institutions that might have some clues or records about the tape.

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