Stop Playing Videos Games!!

Video games are one of the best ways to pass your time when you are bored. However, some people take it too far and get addicted to it.

It’s all good until you start neglecting your responsibilities and spend way too much time on them.

It’s understandable if you want to become a game developer in the future or are a professional gamer.

But if you are none of them and are playing video games for too long, then you might have a problem.

Avoid Video Games
Avoid Video Games

Many people don’t believe in this, but video game addiction is a real thing.

If you want to put your life together and move forward in life, you should stop playing video games right now.

Here are 25 reasons to stop playing video games and engage deeply in life. Let’s go for it!

Quick Overview

S.N Reasons
1.  Social Isolation
2. Waste of time
3. Money wastage
4.  Missing out the enjoyment
5. Laziness
6. Instigate violence
7. Encourage risk-taking behavior
8. It’s compulsive
9. Negativity around you
10. Depression
11. Change in personality traits of an individual
12. Goals are compromised
13. No Accomplishment in reality
14. No return investing on playing games
15 Exposed to toxic gaming conditions
16. Loss of Motivation
17. Relationship problems
18. Resulting in  insomnia
19. Detrimental impact on eyesight
20. Hampers in Academic performance
21. Irrational anxiety
22. Nothing is being learned.
23. Neglecting own responsibilities
24.  Lack of other hobbies

Reasons to Stop Playing Videos Games

The information in this list is based on various sources and websites like Wikipedia and Wealthygorilla.

24. Lack of other hobbies

The strong influence of gaming only leads to having less and less interest in other hobbies.

You will not engage in other activities, which makes you introverted and isolated from the rest of the world.

If your children are developing a habit of playing online games, you need to spend more time with your child because they chose video games over your absence in the first place.

23. Neglecting own responsibilities

When you are obsessed with gaming, the only thing that comes to your mind is to win the game, which makes you skip and ignore your responsibilities.

Even if you don’t completely skip your responsibility, you’ll develop a habit of procrastinating, which my friends are even worst.

22. Nothing to learn

Usually, gamers think they are getting life lessons from games, but it is just a delusion.

You may learn skills to tackle the enemy, but they are useless in real life. You should never forget that they are fictitious.

A book can help you learn new things and teach you about success and failure, so read a book rather than playing games.

21. Irrational anxiety

When you spend most of the time gaming and don’t engage in social interaction, you will be in an awkward phase.

You start to get caught up in your thoughts, making it more challenging to create a connection, which ultimately leads to irrational anxiety or fear.

20. Hampers in academic performance

Games interfere with students developing normal perceptions of time and space.

Video games have always been a problem to the academic performances of kids.

Not only do kids spend less time doing homework, but they also perform worse on tests of reading and writing.

Nowadays, graphically violent games are affecting kids’ behavior, leading them to be aggressive and harsh.

19. Detrimental impact on eyesight

Playing video games for a long period might lead youngsters to suffer many of the same symptoms as adults with computer vision syndrome.

Excessive gazing on the gaming screen can cause eye strain, tiredness, poor vision, and headaches.

Therefore, if you want to stay away from glasses, it’s a warning to avoid playing the games.

18. Insomnia

Gaming addiction can lead to Insomnia, sleep deprivation, and other sleep disorders and result in a compromised immune system.

A good sleep always is vital for health, and its importance has been always highlighted.

The decrease of sleeping quality leads to less focus on work, hamper retention, learning, and memory.

Stop Playing Videos Games Woman Suffering Insomnia
Woman Suffering Insomnia (Source: Dreamstime)

So, you need to avoid gaming and get a good night’s sleep to focus on work or do your assignments.

17. Relationship problems

Similar to other reasons, relationships issues also take one of the reasons on the list of reasons to stop playing games and engage deeply in life.

When people become only engrossed in video games, they begin to overlook other aspects of their lives, leading to losing family, friends, and loved ones.

Relationships should have an equal effort from both sides, whether with friends, family, or lovers.

So, practically spending more on playing games eventually results in sour relationships with everyone.

16. Loss of motivation

Addiction to video games leads to a loss of drive, unclear life purpose, and stagnation.

Gaming is indeed enjoyable, but do not allow enjoyment to turn into an addiction or become a distraction from achieving your life’s goals and ambitions.

15. Exposed to toxic gaming conditions

In the context of the online gaming world, it promotes the disinhibited behaviors leading to sexual harassment, hate speech, and threats of violence.

Such exposure to online platforms is an explanation of toxicity somehow, which is contagious.

14. No return on investment

One question you should ask yourself before investing money into games is…how much am I getting back out of it?

It is okay to invest if you are a professional gamer, but if you are not, it is just a waste of your hard-earned money, and the only return you will ever get is all the above and below mentioned things in this article.

It is fun, I agree, but do you think it would last long in your life?

Then be honest and don’t waste your time on it.

Nothing is more frustrating than devoting a significant amount of time to something which has nothing to offer to you.

13. No accomplishment in reality

The only thing that is achieved through playing video games is escapism from reality. You just want to get away from your stress and tension.

That’s it.

But what about your work, what about your dream. So, buckle up and erase fantasy land from your life, come back to reality, put on your everything, and make history.

12. Compromised goals

By nature, we always want to be the best version of ourselves. We want to get things done, but if we give your all attention to the gaming, then-boss, were done.

Forget about achieving goals.

You mainly lose motivation, as mentioned in the above points, and settle for less in life.

11. Change in personality traits of an individual

Everyone is well aware of the risks of video game addiction. In some ways, it entails altering personal traits such as poor self-esteem, low self-efficacy, anxiety, and aggression.

It has also been clinically proven that playing video games is associated with sadness and anxiety disorders.

10. Depression

The crucial reason to stop playing video games is that it leads to depression.

Stop Playing Videos Games Depressed Man
Depressed Man (Source: Dreamstime)

Those hooked to gaming are twice as likely to be sad as those who don’t. With various problems as mentioned above point excessive gaming would also lead to depression.

9. Negativity

All the points about anxiety, depression, and compromised goals are correlated with this one.

With much time being spent in front of the screen, one starts getting dark and negative thoughts towards the real world because everything seems to be perfect in the fictitious gaming world.

8.  It’s compulsive

Games are developed with the concept of immediate satisfaction.

It’s built on the idea of giving you feedback or rewards based on the effort that you put in.

Psychologically it’s very compelling for us, and that can cause us to want to spend more and more time and effort in games because of its consistent feedback; we get stuck in limbo.

7. Encourage risk-taking behavior

The availability of graphic and violent games that represent risk-taking behavior such as thieving, kicking, stabbing, or reckless bicycling would impact oneself to get involved in illegal conduct.

It brings a negative influence on mental health, which leads to criminal activities.

6. Instigate violence

The most detrimental consequence of video games is the propensity to engage in aggressive behavior. Especially children who play video games are more prone to exhibit aggression, violence, and destructive behavior.

5. Laziness

It is known to everyone that one of the main reasons to avoid playing video games is that it makes you lazy.

Stop Playing Videos Games A boy sitting on a couch and playing game
Boy Sitting on a Couch and Playing Game (Source: Dreamstime)

For us, it is all about habits and discipline we follow. When we spend majority of time sitting on a couch and pressing joystick buttons, it becomes a habit that eventually consumes us.

4. Missing out the enjoyment

When you are engaged in playing games, you will miss out on enjoyment such as socializing, eating delicious cuisine, watching a movie, spending quality time with family.

There are lots of things beyond the screen. Mindlessly pressing joystick buttons sitting on a couch makes you miss out on so many wonderful things in life.

3. Waste of money

Video games are insanely expensive. With consoles, controllers, accessories, installation, it adds up to a couple of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, let alone the electricity cost.

And all those for what?

It takes away your friends, girlfriend, mental immunity, along with few Franklins in exchange for what- depression, anxiety, and broken dreams.

Something to think about.

2. Waste of time

Playing video games is a waste of time except for professional gamers as they earn from playing games.

It’s just enjoyment that neither can have real-life skills nor money. All of your productive time will go right into the bin if you don’t make immediate required changes.

1. Social Isolation

With online gaming platforms, one cannot keep track of time as they can get connected with people all over the world to form a team, clans, and whatnot?

Online gaming creates the illusion of being social, much like social media does.

There’s nothing wrong with gaming online, but if you’re substituting that for real-life interaction, you are done.

So, avoid gaming and come back to the real world.


Video games are fun to play but getting addicted is not good for you and your health.

It is necessary to have a limitation/restriction that saves your time and money.

Even there are advantages of playing games, but excessive of anything won’t help you.

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