Tan Chuan Jin Illness

There has been considerable interest in Tan Chuan Jin illness and health recently. Is the former speaker of the parliament of Singapore sick?

A former Singaporean politician and military officer, Tan Chuan-Jin served as the Speaker of Parliament from 2017 to 2023.

Before his selection as speaker, he held several ministerial posts, including Manpower and Social and Family Development.

He has been the President of the Singapore National Olympic Council for nearly a decade. Also, he is a former Member of Parliament for the Kembangan-Chai Chee ward in Marine Parade GRC.

The former speaker of parliament has come to the spotlight after prime minister Lee Hsien Loong uncovered his inappropriate relationship with fellow Cheng Li Hui, a People’s Action Party Member of Parliament.

Today’s article revolves around Tan Chuan Jin’s illness and health issues.

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Tan Chuan Jin Illness And Health 2023: Is Speaker Of Parliament Sick?

The former politician Tan Chuan Jin doesn’t seem to have any illness or health issues currently. At least there has been no credible report related to it.

Tan Chuan Jin Illness
The former politician Tan Chuan Jin doesn’t seem to have any illness currently. (Image Source: The Straits Times)

As mentioned above, the Singaporean politician has come to the media limelight after his inappropriate relationship was uncovered recently.

Many of Tan Chuan Jin’s fans and followers appear to be concerned about his health. However, they can rest assured that the former parliament speaker is in good health.

In addition, Mr. Tan is known for his fitness and healthy lifestyle. He takes great care of his body and mind as his profession demands both.

Could the 54-year-old’s well-wishers be worried about his health because of his past health scare? Tan Chuan Jin was diagnosed with a rare form of tuberculosis in 2015 and spent several months in hospital.

Tan Chuan Jin Was Diagnosed With A Rare Form Of Tuberculosis

Tan Chuan Jin was diagnosed with pleural tuberculosis in February 2015, which is a rare form of the disease infecting the area between the lungs and rib cage.

In an interview, his doctor Associate Professor LooChian Min, stated that it is a rare form of the disease that affects only five percent of TB patients.

Tan Chuan Jin Illness
Tan Chuan Jin was diagnosed with a rare form of tuberculosis in February 2015. (Image Source: Asia One)

The former politician opened up about his illness through a Facebook post on 26 February 2015. He wrote that he was diagnosed with pleural effusion and has build-up fluid between the tissue layers that line the lungs and chest cavity.

While detailing his condition, Mr. Tan said the diagnosis was unexpected, and he didn’t know how he got the disease, but he was relieved that it was not cancer.

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease. However, Professor Loo, who was Singapore General Hospital’s Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Head at the time, said Mr. Tan’s case was non-infectious.

The professor added that there was a very low risk of Mr. Tan spreading the disease to people around him as the infection was contained inside his body.

Mr. Tan stated that as soon as he was diagnosed, he took precautions to avoid coming into contact with individuals.

According to him, he promptly informed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of the diagnosis. PM Lee expressed worry and inquired about the hospital he was in and the quality of his care back then.

After undergoing surgery to drain the fluid, Mr. Tan was on medication for six months. Eventually, he made a full recovery by October 2015.

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