Joel Verghese 

Joel Verghese missing case has left his family worried as he has not been found yet. Find out more information about his missing case.

Joel Verghese is a 16-year-old boy from Senova Riverstone whose name has been making rounds on the internet for the past few days.

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Joel shares a good bond with everyone in the community, and people close to him are worried as he has been missing since October 10, 2023.

The news of his disappearance was posted on social media, and everyone has asked people to help the family to find Joel. 

Furthermore, the missing news has been shared on various platforms, including Facebook. Apart from that, people are concerned about the recent update on the missing case of Joel, which has been shared here.

Texas Joel Verghese Missing Update 

Joel Verghese missing update has no sign of the boy being found yet. The news of his vanishment has been shared on Facebook, and none of the posts have given a recent update.

So, it can be confirmed that he has not been found at the time of this post. Apart from that, the police department has also not given any info related to this matter.

Joel Verghese Missing
Joel Verghese missing case has left his friends and family worried as the boy has been missing since October 10, 2023. ( Source: Facebook )

Meanwhile, many people close to Joel and his family are heavily sharing the news to help him get discovered soon. Furthermore, people are asking many questions on social media regarding this case.

A person on Facebook commented, “Any news or update from the police? I’m guessing that at this point, they’re involved.” Another person said, “Please continue to share and redistribute through all channels accessible to each and everyone you know and request others to share.”

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Joel Verghese Missing Case Explained

Joel Verghese missing case is trending on various platforms. According to an online post, Verghese went missing from the River Stone community in Missouri City, Texas. 

Verghese left his home on October 10 at 11 a.m. on his bike. Furthermore, the photo of him on his bike has also been posted on Facebook.

Joel Verghese Missing Case
Joel Verghese has gone missing from the River Stone community in Missouri City, Texas. ( Source: Facebook )

Since then, Joel has not been seen, which has left his family and close ones worried. At the time of his disappearance, Verghese was wearing brown pants and a gray hoodie.

A person sharing the missing news wrote, “Please be in prayer for him and if anyone knows of his whereabouts. Please call Sabina Verghese on 281-738-6679.”

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More Facts On Missing Person Joel Verghese 

Joel Verghese is a missing person who vanished on October 10, 2023, from the River Stone community in Missouri City, Texas.

He has been described as 5 feet 11 inches tall and has curly short hair. Besides, he vanished on his bike, which is said to be of black color with red and white stripes.

Missing Person Joel Verghese 
Missing Person Joel Verghese lives in Senova Riverstone. ( Source: Facebook )

According to a report, Joel was born on November 18, 2006. It has been noted that he lives in Senova Riverstone. His name came into the media prominence after his close ones shared the news of Joel’s vanishment.

Everyone wants to find the missing person soon, and the news has been shared heavily. If anyone knows of Verghese’s whereabouts, please reach out to Sabina Verghese at 281-738-6679.

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