Tillu Tajpuriya Family

The 33-year-old guy Tillu Tajpuriya was fatally stabbed inside Tihar prison on May 2, 2023, allegedly by rival gang members. Following his *****, people search for Tillu Tajpuriya family, siblings, and wife. 

Sunil Balyan was dedicated to winning medals at international wrestling competitions and receiving national recognition. He spent hours every morning at a local akhada in Tajpur Kalan, a town outside of Delhi, practicing kushti.

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At least, that was his only aim goal until his early 20s before he became Delhi-NCR’s most infamous gangster- Tillu Tajpuriya. 

Tillu Tajpuriya passed away lately, and the news of his demise is currently trending across all internet sources. Several media outlets have also written about the tragedy and covered the story.

Many people have spread the word that the late gangster was killed by assaults within Tihar jail using various online platforms, including Twitter.

Following his ***** news, people search for Tillu Tajpuriya’s family, siblings, and wife. Please stick with us until the end as we discover more about Tillu Tajpuriya’s personal life.

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Tillu Tajpuriya Family: Parents And Siblings 

A sense of deep sorrow enveloped Tajpur Kalan as family and relatives mourned the demise of Tillu Tajpuriya, who was once a promising athlete and later a renowned gangster who changed directors after having a fall-out with his school buddy Gogi.

Following his tragic *****, people are keenly interested in Tillu Tajpuriya’s family and want to learn more about his parents and siblings.

Tillu Tajpuriya’s dada Jagpal Singh, a former MCD clerk, stated that although the loss of a son is devastating, he knew that his son was on the verge of passing away. 

“He completed his studies until class 10 when he began wrestling and participated in various regional competitions. He quickly got into horrible company.

Since his actions brought the family into dishonor, I broke off contact with him about eight years ago, and I haven’t spoken to him much since,” Jagpal Singh stated, noting the conflict between his son’s group and the rival one has gotten worse recently. “

Tillu Tajpuriya Family
Tillu Tajpuriya was brutally beaten and killed by his rival party members. (Source: The Indian Express)

Furthermore, Tillu’s father even added that he never visited his son in jail. Apart from his father, information regarding Tillu Tajpuria’s mother, other family members, and siblings have yet to be revealed. 

However, it has been revealed that the gangster grew up alongside three siblings.

Nonetheless, the walls of Tillu’s home were covered with pictures from his younger days, including those showing him congratulating a local wrestling competition winner and others with Sunil Maan, one of his closest aides currently imprisoned in Tihar.

Tajpuriya’s former prisonmate at Tihar jail, a friend, stated that Tillu kept to himself and refused to allow any visits from his family in the jail.

“He would always say he was doing OK when I called. Tillu is a martyr to his close friends and family,” his friend added.

Tillu Tajpuriya Wife- Who Was He Married To?

Supporters and family of Indian gangster Tillu Tajpuriya are devastated by the dreadful news. Hence, alongside searching for information about his family, people also want to know about Tilly Tajpuriya wife.

Unfortunately, Tillu’s personal life isn’t an open book and information regarding his romantic life isn’t available online.

Tillu Tajpuriya Family
Details regarding Tillu Tajpuriya’s wife isn’t available. (Source: India TV News)

Nonetheless, as per several sources, Tillu Tajpuriya was not married. Even if he was in a relationship with someone, her name hasn’t been made public.

Tillu’s life changed while growing up, and maybe his demise has been speculated by many people. He was a big follower of Lord Shiva, and after his demise, Tilly was survived by his father and mother. 

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