Where Is Alanna Sarabia Going

Where is Alanna Sarabia going after leaving KENS 5? People are concerned about her new job as the journalist decides to leave KENS 5. 

A well-known personality among San Antonians, Alanna Sarabia currently serves as the afternoon and evening traffic anchor for KENS 5, the local CBS affiliate station.

Since joining the team in November 2021, Sarabia has become a familiar face to viewers, providing essential traffic updates.

Prior to her role at KENS 5, she spent four years as a host for Good Morning Texas on WFAA, showcasing her versatility in the media landscape.

However, Sarabia’s career extends beyond television, encompassing a diverse range of experiences in media, entertainment, and community service.

Her extensive background reflects a commitment to both informing and engaging with the public, making her a valuable asset to the San Antonio broadcasting community.

Viewers appreciate Sarabia not only for her on-screen presence but also for the wealth of expertise she brings to her role, contributing to the station’s comprehensive coverage.

Where Is Alanna Sarabia Going After Leaving KENS 5? From Miss San Antonio to KENS 5 Traffic Anchor

In a surprising turn of events, Alanna Sarabia, the familiar face of KENS 5’s afternoon and evening traffic updates, announced her departure from the San Antonio-based CBS affiliate station in October 2023.

Sarabia, who joined the team in November 2021, revealed that she would be embarking on a new professional venture in Dallas.

Expressing gratitude for her time at KENS 5, she thanked colleagues and viewers for their unwavering support and friendship.

Where Is Alanna Sarabia Going
Alanna Sarabia spills the beans on her exciting career shift, stepping into the spotlight as a co-host on ABC’s “The Mix.” (Image Source: Headshots San Antonio)

The departure, she explained, marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for her, alongside her husband Jon and their recently born daughter, Dallas Anastasia, welcomed into the world in September 2022.

While Sarabia remained tight-lipped about the specifics of her new role, she hinted at the fulfillment of a long-held dream.

Committing to keeping her audience informed, she pledged to share more details soon through her social media platforms.

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Despite the geographical shift, Sarabia conveyed her fondness for San Antonio, expressing a hope to visit the city frequently and emphasizing the deep connections she had formed during her time there.

The announcement leaves both fans and colleagues eager to follow Sarabia’s journey into this new and intriguing chapter of her professional life.

Alanna Sarabia New Job & Salary

Insiders close to Alanna Sarabia have disclosed that her next career move involves a prominent role as a co-host on ABC’s upcoming national daytime talk show, “The Mix.”

Slated for a January 2024 premiere, the show is designed to showcase diverse perspectives, with four women engaging in discussions spanning current events to lifestyle insights.

Sarabia will be sharing the stage with notable figures such as actress and singer Keke Palmer, comedian and writer Nicole Byer, and journalist-author Elaine Welteroth.

Alanna Sarabia salary
Alanna Sarabia has remained tight-lipped about her salary at the new venture. (Image Source: KENS 5)

While specific details about Sarabia’s salary remain undisclosed, industry estimates suggest it falls within the six-figure range, marking a substantial increase from her reported annual earnings of around $60,000 during her tenure at KENS 5.

This transition not only represents a significant career leap for Sarabia but also hints at potential financial growth as she steps onto the national media stage.

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As her involvement in “The Mix” promises to amplify her exposure and opportunities, the move is poised to contribute positively to Sarabia’s net worth, positioning her as a prominent figure in the evolving landscape of daytime television.

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