Where Is Brien McElhatten Going

Where is Brien Mcelhatten going? The rumor of Brien Mcelhatten’s departure from the news network WPTA has been trending online. 

Brien Mcelhatten is an award-winning anchor, reporter and video journalist. He has been working with WPTA, a Fort Wayne, Indiana news station.

He is also Krista Miller’s husband and his co-anchor at the same station. Brien has been working at the news station for several years.

The television personality has garnered significant fame and become a fan-favorite anchor during his tenure.

Recently, an unconfirmed rumor claimed that the talented anchor will leave WPTA. Following this, his fans have been eager to know whether the talks are genuine or just rumors. Here is what we know.

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Where Is Brien McElhatten Going, And Is He Leaving WPTA?

The award-winning journalist Brien McElhatten is not leaving WPTA. There have been no official reports on the matter.

In addition, Brien has not announced his departure on his social media. Thus, we assume that the journalist is not leaving the news network.

Where Is Brien McElhatten Going
Multiple award-winning journalist Brien Mcelhatten is not leaving WPTA. (Image Source: 21Alive News)

It is unclear how the rumor of Brien’s departure from the network began circulating. However, this is not true.

Brien joined WPTA in October 2015 and is a primary anchor and enterprise reporter at the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based news network.

He also reports long-form stories, hosts and produces a public affairs program, and oversees an audio journalism unit.

McEhatten reported enterprise stories from Australia, Nicaragua and Papua New Guinea as a solo journalist.

The reporter is a valuable member of the WPTA team and has no plans to leave the station anytime soon.

He is happy with his current job and loves working with his wife, Krista Miller. He is grateful for the support and trust of his viewers and colleagues.

The journalist hopes to continue delivering quality news and stories to the people of Fort Wayne and beyond.

Brien McElhatten Career And Salary

Brien McElhatten has had a long and successful career as a journalist and a TV anchor.

He has been involved in journalism for nearly two decades and worked with diffrent news networks.

He began his career as a reporter at ABC21 in 2008, covering local news and events in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Where Is Brien McElhatten Going
Brien McElhatten and his wife, Krista Miller, are co-anchors on ABC21WPTA. (Image Source: Instagram)

Afterward, the skilled journalist relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, and began serving as a breaking news reporter for ABC.

Brien covered significant stories such as the endangered wolf population, the shooting of former Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the Wallow Fire, and many others.

He then landed a job as a co-host and correspondent for The List, a national entertainment and lifestyle program.

The anchor won four Emmy awards for his work on the show, covering consumer and financial news, technology, and sports.

In 2015, Brien returned to ABC21 (WPTA), where he works as an evening anchor for the weeknight newscasts at 5, 6, and 11 p.m.

He also reports on investigative and unique interest stories. Brien is married to Krista Miller, also his co-anchor at ABC21WPTA.

They are one of the nation’s few husband-wife co-anchor news teams. They have a daughter named Jacquelyn, who was born in September 2021.

Regarding his salary, the WPTA anchor must earn significantly. As reported by Glassdoor, a person working as a journalist in the United States earns upto $131K as their average annual income.

However, an individual’s paycheck differs widely based on their skills and expertise. Thus, Brien McElhatten’s salary might be more or less.

Nonetheless, we wish the WPTA officials more prosperity and happiness in the coming days.

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Brien McElhatten Family Details

Brien McElhatten’s family background remains a private aspect of his life, as he has not publicly revealed the names of his parents or provided extensive details about his family.

This is common in journalism, as many professionals choose to keep their personal lives separate from their public personas.

As a journalist, Brien likely prioritizes transparency and objectivity in his reporting, which often means maintaining boundaries between personal and professional life.

Brien McElhatten
Brien McElhatten with his wife and kid (Source: Twitter)

Brien McElhatten, the esteemed news anchor, has maintained a veil of privacy around his family life.

While he openly acknowledges his wife, the talented anchor Krista Miller, he has kept their child’s name concealed from the public eye.

This decision reflects McElhatten’s commitment to balancing his demanding career with protecting his family’s personal life from the prying eyes of the media.

Journalists often strive to report the news impartially without letting personal biases or affiliations influence their work.

While we may not have specific information about his family background, it’s essential to recognize that journalists like Brien play a crucial role in bringing essential stories and information to the public.

Their dedication to objective reporting and the pursuit of truth defines their profession.

Ultimately, Brien McElhatten’s focus on journalism and commitment to his career has likely led him to maintain privacy regarding his family as he continues to serve as a trusted source of news and information for his audience.

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