Brian Kenealy And Riley Ignacio-Cameron

Who are Brian Kenealy and Riley Ignacio-Cameron? The news about the student who died in the car accident continues. Are they one of them?

The news about four students dying on the spot and three of them surviving has been going on since the incident happened on Saturday early morning.

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Although the parents of the students involved in the accident were informed on the same day, the news wasn’t made public until the next day.

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This article will involve everything you need to know about the case and detailed information about two students, Brain Kenealy and Riley Ignacio-Cameron. 

Who Are Brian Kenealy And Riley Ignacio-Cameron?

Brian Kenealy and Riley Igancio-Cameron are the students from Maine Maritime Academy who were killed in a car accident at Castine, Maine. 

Picture of Brian Kenealy, one of the student killed in a car crash.
Picture of Brian Kenealy, one of the students killed in a car crash. (Image Source: The Martha’s Vineyard Times)

Both of them were very close friends, and they were in their 20. Both of them shared a great relationship. 

Ignacio was from Aquinnah, Massachusetts and Kenealy was from York, Maine. 

There needs to be more information about them; the only clear information about them is they were senior students of Mine Maritime Academy.

According to the source, they got into an accident early morning at 2 am on Saturday when they returned to the Academy.

All seven people involved in the car accident were sent to the local hospital, but four did not make it. 

Luke Simpson, 22; Riley Ignacio-Cameron, 20; Brian Kenealy, 20; Chase Fossett, 21, were killed on the spot. 

The driver, Joshua Goncalves-Radding, and the other two students, Noelle Tavares and Dominick Gecoya, were seriously injured. The three students are still in the hospital with their families.

It will be a tragedy for those still in the hospital recovering from the injury, whereas their friends are no longer with them. 

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Students Killed In Maine Maritime Academy Car Crash

Fou students from Maine Maritime Academy were killed in a car accident early on Saturday, December 10, 2022.

Investigation says that the driver, Joshua Goncalves-Radding crashed the car into a tree. Three and the driver were seriously injured in the accident, but four were killed.

Maine Maritime students killed in Castine crash r
Maine Maritime students killed in Castine crash remembered as ‘respected’ student-athletes. (Image Source: WMTW)

School assistant principal Jeremy Light annouched the news about the incident sharing condolence to the student’s family at MVRHS and said to The Times the school community is devastated by the tragedy.

In addition to Jeremy Light, the Academy’s president Jerry Paul also spoke on behalf of the institution.

Paul mentioned, Our community is grieving for these young lives and their families. Please hold these young people close to your hearts and in your prayers.

Everyone was shocked to hear the news in the first place. This is hard to accept for everyone: their classmate, teachers, and their closest friend. 

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