Joe Mazza Wife

Joe Mazza Wife, Sonia Cipriano has currently been the talk of the town, as her husband has made a name for himself as a home inspector.

The host of “Home Inspector Joe,” Joe Mazza didn’t start his career as a home inspector. Previously, he worked in construction in New York City for 20 years.

Then he got tired and became a home inspector, which made him more money. He helps people choose safe and good homes. He shares tips on social media and “USA Today” noticed him in 2019.

A company called RIVR Media in Tennessee saw him too and asked him to make “Home Inspector Joe.”

In the show, he and designer Noel Gatts visit, check, and fix homes with clients so they can have a great home.

When he checks houses, he ensures they are safe for his family. He cares about ensuring the homes he inspects are also safe for his clients’ families.

He thinks it’s important now, especially with many people moving from cities because of the pandemic. “Home Inspector Joe” is where he shares his tips and solutions to help people find their perfect home.

As Joe Mazza’s fame grew, people became curious about his family. They wanted to know about his wife and how many children he has.

This article will provide information about the life of Home Inspector Joe and his family.

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What’s Wrong With That House: Who Is Joe Mazza Wife Sonia Cipriano?

While observing Joe Mazza guide his clients in finding their ideal homes, viewers grew curious about the fortunate woman married to him.

Her name is Sonia Cipriano, and she has been Joe Mazza’s spouse for more than a decade. She is also recognized as Sonia Mazza due to her marriage.

Joe Mazza Wife
Joe Mazza has been married to Sonia Cipriano for more than a decade (Source: NEWSTARS education)

As of 2023, Sonia Cipriano and Joe Mazza have been married for over 14 years. Moreover, she is reported to be seven years younger than Joe.

Sonia brings a wealth of construction experience and a keen sense of safety to the relationship. Reportedly, she attended Iona College from 1999 to 2003 to pursue her education.

Some more information about her was retrieved from her LinkedIn profile where Cipriano was mentioned to be a teacher in the New York City School District in White Plains.

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Joe Mazza Kids And Family

Joe Mazza and his wife, Sonia Cipriano, have a happy family along with their daughter, Gia Lucia. Recently, Joe talked about his wife and daughter while discussing his new show.

He mentioned that he loves his wife, daughter, physical exercise, motorcycles, and fixing houses, and he brings all these things to the show.

He was careful not to reveal everything, as he and his wife value their privacy. Joe affectionately calls his daughter a “cookie monster” and shares that she’s excited to see him on TV for the first time.

Joe Mazza Wife
Joe Mazza with his wife Sonia Cipriano and daughter Gia Lucia, lives a happy life (Source: Distractify)

He recounted how she hugged him tightly when she saw him on screen and exclaimed, “Daddy’s on TV!

Joe Mazza from “Home Inspector Joe” will carefully address property issues in HGTV’s new show “What’s Wrong With That House?”.

In the eight-episode series starting August 15, Joe and designer Noel Gatts will help homeowners find and fix hidden issues in their homes before starting renovations.

Rumors also suggest that Sonia Cipriano and their daughter might make appearances on “Home Inspector Joe.”

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