Anastasia Gilley Boyfriend

Who is Anastasia Gilley boyfriend, Marquis McCloud? Missing Florida teen discovered dead in Alabama; convicted boyfriend accused of her murder.

A pregnant Florida teen has been found dead in Alabama, and her convicted boyfriend has been charged with her kidnapping and murder, according to officials.

Anastasia Gilley was four months pregnant when her corpse was discovered early Wednesday morning in Headland, Alabama.

Soon after the finding, Marquis McCloud was accused of kidnapping and killing the expecting mother.

McCloud, whose violent rap sheet includes a rape conviction, had previously been detained for many days, according to cops, but was uncooperative throughout the frantic hunt for his claimed victim.

The Alabama man was jailed on a probation violation when detectives discovered Gilley’s body and charged him with additional charges. Let’s get to know more about Anastasia Gilley Boyfriend.

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Who is Anastasia Gilley Boyfriend, Marquis McCloud? His Wikipedia

Police suspected Anastasia Gilley Boyfriend, McCloud of murdering the pregnant mother after taking her hostage. McCloud has a lengthy criminal record, including a rape conviction.

McCloud had already spent many days in detention but had acted uncooperatively throughout the frantic hunt for Gilley, according to Police.

Anastasia Gilley Boyfriend
Anastasia Gilley Boyfriend Marquis McCloud. (Source: New York Post)

When Gilley’s corpse was discovered, the Alabama man was detained for breaching his probation rather than being charged with the new charges.

McCloud’s criminal record includes robbery, assault, terrorist threats, and violating sex offender restrictions, in addition to rape incidents.

Marquis McCloud Age Details 

Marquis McCloud is currently 33 years old. During the missing person’s inquiry, McCloud was arrested for reportedly breaching his parole in Houston County, Alabama, by traveling to Florida.

According to Sheriff Edenfield, officials determined McCloud and Gilley had communicated with one another after his arrest and began questioning him about Gilley’s abduction.

According to the sheriff, McCloud could have been more helpful during the inquiry. He stated that it was uncertain how deep their relationship was.

McCloud’s criminal history includes rape, fraud, robbery, making terrorist threats, and other offenses, according to court documents. He also has a history of convictions in Georgia.

McCloud has a significant criminal history of violence and has already served time in jail, according to court records acquired by WTVY.

Marquis was convicted of rape in 2010 and sentenced to eight years in jail. It’s unclear when he was freed, although records show he was ticketed for speeding in 2013.

In 2015, he was charged with another rape in Quitman County, Georgia. In 2017, he was arrested on another rape accusation, later dropped by a grand jury.

In 2021, he was arrested again and accused of aggravated violence concerning severing a man’s throat. Those cases appear to be on the docket in Dougherty County.

According to records, McCloud was also arrested for breaking sex offender registration rules, making terror threats, robbery, and criminal mischief. McCloud’s criminal history dates back to when he was a youngster in 2008.

Who is Anastasia Gilley?

Anastasia Gilley, a pregnant missing Florida teen, died in Alabama. Marquis McCloud, Gilley’s lover, and a convicted felon, is purportedly accused of her kidnapping and death.

According to officials, the body of Gilley, 19, who was four months pregnant, was discovered by investigators early on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, near Headland, Alabama.

Officials claimed that an autopsy was being performed to determine the reason for Gilley’s death and that additional information would be released in the following days.

Anastasia Gilley Boyfriend
Missing pregnant teen, Anastasia found dead. (Source: Internet)

After finding that McCloud corresponded with Gilley before her disappearance, detectives were obsessed with him.

Because their connection is unknown, Police did not identify whether McCloud was the baby’s likely Father.

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