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Amidst the tour news, fans are revisiting the YungBlud interview, which revealed the relationship between YungBlud father and mother relationship.

Dominic Richard Harrison, famously known as YungBlud, is an English singer, musician, songwriter, and actor.

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The 26 years old musician is known for his second album, ‘Weird!’, which reached number 75 on the US Billboard 200.

Later, his self-titled third album also made the top charts, reaching 1 on the UK charts, 45 on Billboard 200, and 7 on the US Top Rock Album chart.

YungBlud was born to Samantha and Justin Harrison on August 5th, 1997, and shared childhood with two younger sisters, Jemima and Isobel.

Although a successful musician now, he spent most of his childhood struggling with ADHD. It caused him to be misunderstood as a troublesome child, resulting in his suspension from school.

Apart from his music, the self-proclaimed ‘sexually fluid’ singer is known for his activism against gun violence and relationship with famous singer Halsey.

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Did Yungblud Father Justin Harrison Introduce Him To Music? Age And Wikipedia

YungBlud’s looks might suggest he is a tough nut to crack, but during an interview with a magazine, he emotionally opened up about how his father has been one of the main influences behind his now successful music career.

YungBlud Father Justin Harrison
YungBlud father, Justin Harrison, in a birthday post from his daughter Jen Harrison with a heartfelt saying. (Source: Instagram)

She wished his father a 50th birthday saying he is the rock of the Harrison family in an Instagram post. So, as of today, YungBlud father, Justin, must be 53 years old in the present year.

YungBlud father, Justin Harrison, was a vintage guitar dealer who would play tunes to his son Dominic while they walked side to side.

In the interview, YungBlud said,

It was important to him, and he made it important to me.

Like many other parent-child relationships, YungBlud father also struggled to maintain an ideal relationship with his son.

The chartbuster singer, YungBlud, remembers resenting his parents for a certain phase in his childhood.

The singer’s resentment towards his father and mother began because of the troublesome environment they created for him and his sisters.

His chartbuster song Love Song features the lyric, “Nobody taught me how to love myself, so how can I love somebody else?” highlighting his complicated relationship with his parents.

YungBlud even talks about how sometimes his parents’ fight would turn physical, which would cause a lot of fear among him and his siblings.

Although he might not look at his father as a perfect example of a healthy father, YungBlud father remains on top of his tongue when he names the people who inspire him the most.

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The Harrison Family Dynamics: What Incident Changed YungBlud’s Life?

The reason for his admiration for his dad comes from a very unfortunate incident in their family.

Just as YungBlud’s career took off, his mother met a very serious car accident that almost killed her.

YungBlud father, Justin, is said to have been the most amazing father and husband during those difficult times.

YungBlud Mother and Father
YungBlud father and mother enjoying a family gathering. (Source: Instagram)

The rising star musician was caught in a very hard situation where his dreams were being fulfilled on one side, and on the other, his mom was hanging on to her life.

During those tough times, YungBlud father was able to put everything aside and make sure that his mother was well taken care of.

Though the parents of Yungblud had a very tough married life, the incident completely changed the family dynamic.

The accident made the family forget about all their past differences. The versatile singer still thinks his parents could have done a better job raising kids, but now he forgives them.

YungBlud these days talks very fondly of his parents. He admires his father, and his face lits up when he talks about his mother.

On 14th December 2018, he dedicated the following tweet to his mom,

Ma mum told me girls are far too strong n far too smart to be underestimated coz she’s one of em. Her name is Sam btw. I f**king luv ma mum.

How great of him, don’t you think?

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