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Let us explore the Wikipedia details of Zbigniew Rzońca. Also get his age details. How old is the journalist?

Former SB Colonel Zbigniew Rzońca was a member of the Polish delegation led by Donald Tusk.

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He met with Vladimir Putin in February 2008, despite official documentation stating that Minister Cezary Grabarczyk should have been in his place. 

Krzysztof Wyszkowski tells “Codzienna” that this man presumably went there to ensure that Donald Tusk did not take any action against supporters of the previous system.

“It’s unbelievable that the former SB agent is going to talk with Putin instead of a government representative,” said MP Micha Jach, chair of the parliamentary defense committee.

The second episode of Micha Racho and Prof. Saomir Cenckiewicz’s documentary series “Reset” revealed the frightening visits backstage.

Zbigniew Rzońca Wikipedia: Is The Journalist Listed On The World Famous Encyclopedia?

Zbigniew Rzońca has not been listed on the official page of Wikipedia. However, other people and organizations mention his name on a few Wikipedia pages.

Zbigniew is a colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Agency and, concurrently, the former head of the Political Department of the Polish Embassy in Moscow.

He was one of the strong antagonistic characters in the second episode of the TVP series on the Polish-Russian reset.

Zbigniew Rzońca Wikipedia
The SB colonel, Zbigniew Rzońca, was supposed to watch Tusk in Moscow. (Source: Portal Samorzadowy)

Rzońca was from the SB and impressed the film’s creators. This fact, together with the fact that he was shown as an influential figure in Donald Tusk’s world, was meant to imply to the audience that the reset was not a mistake but rather a betrayal.

The filmmakers implicitly view a Polish intelligence officer who began his career in the People’s Republic of Poland as a Russian agent. 

Zbigniew spoke with Vladimir Putin, but not because he was someone Donald Tusk trusted.

The Wig went to meet Putin not because he was a member of Tusk’s entourage but rather because he was curious about what Tusk had said to Putin.

The creators of the TVP film failed to notice that Rzońca mocked the reset rather than defending it when they used a note from Donald Tusk’s meetings with Vladimir Putin in the movie.

The filmmakers draw attention away from the real brains behind the Polish-Russian reset. Most who adhere to this principle today are willing to serve law and justice.

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Zbigniew Rzońca Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Zbigniew Rzońca has not revealed his actual age to the media and the public. However, judging from his pictures, we can speculate that the former agent of the PRL security service is in his mid-sixties. 

Rzoca has spent years preparing to serve as an officer in the Polish secret services and represent Russia’s interests.

Zbigniew Rzońca Age
Zbigniew Rzońca during a meeting with Putin. (Source: TVP Info)

As a result, little is known about his personal life, including his age and family details. The former agent has not even revealed the identity of his parents. 

“Reset” series character Micha Racho stated that he first worked in the Security Service and then, following a transition, the Intelligence Agency.

Slawomir Cenckiewicz was advised that Zbigniew was to “effectively exclude the constitutional minister, who was then Cezary Grabarczyk, from the delegation for talks with Putin and put himself in that place” just before departing for the Kremlin.

Rzoca was expected to conduct espionage for Moscow throughout his career in places like Paris, the Vatican, and Brussels.

Krzysztof Wyszkowski, a former anti-communist opposition figure, said in an interview with “Gazeta Polska Daily” that Zbigniew likely traveled to Moscow to “make sure that Donald Tusk does not do anything against the people of the old system.”

On Tuesday night, the Onet portal published an article regarding Zbigniew Rozy’s role during his visit to Moscow.

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