Zenn Pemberton Motorcycle Accident Nerong

Zenn Pemberton motorcycle accident news goes viral as a 13-year-old boy was killed on Sunday. Let’s find out how the crash happened.

Zenn Pemberton was a young boy who was passionate about riding a bike. His name has been dragged into the public attention after news of his ***** circulated.

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It has been reported that the boy died after getting involved in a motorcycle accident. At the time of this post, the name of the victim has not been shared, but Zenn’s name is linked with the accident.

With that, people are eager to know more about the motorcycle accident, which has been described below in depth by collecting every piece of information available on the internet.

Zenn Pemberton Motorcycle Accident

Zenn Pemberton reportedly died in a motorcycle accident that happened at about 12 pm on Sunday. The crash occurred at a motorsports complex in Nerong, about an hour north of Newcastle in NSW.

Witnesses said the 13-year-old boy fell from his bike, and another rider crashed into him at The Island Action Sports Complex. NSW Police have also shared the news saying, “Despite the efforts of NSW Ambulance paramedics, the boy died at the scene.”

Zenn Pemberton Motorcycle Accident
Zenn Pemberton allegedly died in a motorcycle accident that happened at about 12 pm on Sunday at a motorsports complex in Nerong. ( Source: 7 News )

Meanwhile, they have not given the name of the victim, but rumors on the internet are circulating saying that Zenn may be the one who died in the motorcycle accident.

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Zenn Pemberton ***** News Goes Viral

Zenn Pemberton was involved in a motorcycle accident, and he died at the scene. With that, the ***** news has gone viral on the internet, and people are shocked by the demise of the young boy.

Pemberton allegedly fell from his bike, and another rider crashed into him. The second motorbike rider was treated for an upper arm injury and rushed to hospital in a stable condition.

Zenn Pemberton ***** News
The ***** news of a 13-year-old boy is going viral after he lost his life in a deadly motorcycle accident. ( Source: Twitter )

Following Pemberton’s passing, the Island ASC told 7NEWS.com.au its thoughts and prayers are with the young victim’s family. 

Furthermore, the scene was cordoned off as officers began investigating the fatal accident. As the official have not given more info about the crash, everyone is expecting to get more updates in the future.

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Who Was Zenn Pemberton?

Zenn Pemberton was a passionate rider and surfer who died at the age of 13. An Instagram account is registered under his name, and its bio has described him as a surfer.

Apart from being interested in surfing, Zenn also used to post images of his bike rides. From his Instagram handle, Zenn used to showcase moments of him practicing bike.

Zenn Pemberton Accident
Zenn Pemberton was said to be the 13-year-old boy who died in a recent motorcycle crash. ( Source: Telangana Today )

Not to mention, he used to ride the bike with the number 28. As the 13-year-old boy died in a motorcycle accident, many may have thought that Zenn was the one who lost his life.

As this is developing news, more details regarding the accident may get updated soon. As of now, Genius Celebs also keeps the family in prayer and pays tribute to the late soul who lost his life at a young age.

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