Abraham Clinkscales Alive

Several headlines were made around Jamal’s death after he pranked his death editing his pictures. Is Abraham Clinkscales Alive?

Abraham Clinkscales is a renowned Actor, Tiktoker, athlete, and social media personality famed for Jamal Meme. 

Abraham is the natural person behind the meme. According to his Instagram bio, he is currently an Actor and an athlete.

Besides social media handles, the meme star has captivated the attention of readers and viewers from the movies including; Boo! A Madea Halloween and Broken matters in which he has appeared.

Abraham has 442.2 k followers and 6.9 million likes on his Tiktok account@abedaactor, where he posts numerous memes, lifestyle, comedy videos, and dances on his account.

Abraham Clinkscales Is Still Alive?

Yes, Abraham Clinkscales is alive. Earlier, Abraham 

Because of a photo that he had altered to read, “Jamal shot dead in Houston,” Abraham’s news about Jamal’s death first appeared online. Another version would read, “Famous TikTok star shot and killed in Houston.”

The image has been making the rounds on social media for a time now, and it has many people perplexed, according to HITC.

Pictures caption on these posts read, “Jamal shot dead in Houston.(Source: twitter)

In actuality, the shot was modified and explicitly created to perplex viewers. The well-known meme icon is still around in 2023.

He still shares amusing memes and videos on the sites, demonstrating that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

Abraham is famous on the internet, mainly for the meme “Jamal did it.” 

Abraham Clinkscales, the online persona’s real name, is highly active on social media. He is an athlete and Actor who routinely posts entertaining content on social media. 

Jamal from a TikTok meme is not dead. The natural person behind the meme, Abraham Clinkscales, was a victim of a death hoax in 2022. He is, in fact, still alive and well.

There’s a rising count of death hoaxes on the internet going viral. Users of the internet must check for the authenticity of the news before diving into it and forwarding it to others. Also, such fake information is misleading.

Abraham Clinkscales’s Death Hoax Debunked

Abraham, famed for the TikTok meme Jamal did not die; he is alive and healthy.

The meme criticized racial prejudices that benefit white people in a humorous and satirical way. The meme, however, received harsh criticism from internet users for its connotations and for endorsing such stereotypes.

The social media personality recently captivated readers’ attention after several hoax news surfaced on the internet. Unlike other celebrities, Abraham, the natural person behind the meme, was a victim of a death hoax. 

The Actor has constantly been posting on TikTok and Instagram. He recently shared a story on Instagram showing pitch dark written peace on it.

Abraham is active on his Instagram account @_abedaactor, where he often posts his reels and meme’s among his 9117 followers and 25 posts on his handle.

Following fans were confused by recently modified posts about the famous TikTok star’s death that were circulating on social media. The caption on these posts read, “Jamal shot dead in Houston.

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What Happened To TikTok Meme Jamal?

Abraham Clinkscales, famous for the “Jamal did it” meme’s death rumors in 2022, has gone viral on the internet. 

The social media star’s picture has been used for the meme trending on the internet following his death.

Abraham Clinkscales Alive
Pictures caption on these posts read, “Jamal shot dead in Houston. (Source:knowyourmeme)

His meme, in which a little black youngster is falsely accused of committing a crime like stealing KFC chicken, first appeared on TikTok in April 2022. Three of the four suspects in the meme are white, while one is shown carrying a chicken.

Fans of Abraham find him active on social media often. Be it his Instagram or TikTok, he is famous all over. However, lately, news about him has been going viral, making everyone worried about him.

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