Bernie Madoff Sons

Bernie Madoff sons, Mark and Andrew Madoff, have died. While Mark took his own life in 2010, Andrew died of Cancer in 2014. The late fraudster’s wife now lives with her former daughter-in-law.

Bernie Madoff was an American fraudster and financier. He is famous for running the largest Ponzi scheme in history, worth approximately $64.8 billion.

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The late fraudster once served as the chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange.

The Ponzi scheme mastermind promoted the development of computerized trading platforms and the idea of fee-for-flow, also known as a “legal kickback.”

The disgraced financier was arrested on 11 December 2008 and charged with securities fraud. It has been precisely fourteen years since his conviction.

In addition, Bernie, 82, died of natural causes in prison on 14 April 2021.

In today’s article, let’s learn about Bernie Madoff’s sons and wife’s whereabouts.

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Bernie Madoff Son, Mark Madoff, Took His Own Life

Mark Madoff was the eldest child of the Ponzi scheme who died of suicide in 2010.

Bernie Madoff was a dad to two sons, Mark Madoff and Andrew Madoff. The late fraudster shared his kids with his high school sweetheart, Ruth Alpern.

Mark Madoff was the Ponzi schemer’s eldest son, born on 11 March 1964. He attended the University of Michigan and graduated in 1986.

He was found hanged in his New York City apartment on the second anniversary of his dad’s arrest.

The [calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1976″]-year-old worked at his Father’s firm. Mark was reportedly married to Susan Elkin and was the Father to four kids.

Bernie Madoff Sons
Bernie Madoff with his sons, Mark and Andrew Madoff, in 2001. (Image Source: Town&Country)

Bernie Madoff Youngest Son, Andrew Madoff, Died Of Cancer

Andrew Madoff was born on 8 April 1966 as the youngest child to Bernie Madoff and his wife, Ruth Madoff.

The youngest Madoff went to University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School and graduated in 1988.

Sadly, Andrew also passed away on 3 September 2014 after a lengthy battle with Cancer. He was 48 at the time of his *****. He was a Father of two children whom he shared with his partner, Catherine Hooper.

In 2013, in an interview with People, Andrew said that he would never forgive his dad for his crimes.

The youngest son of the disgraced financier also blamed a recurrence of his Cancer on the stress caused by his arrest and conviction.

Bernie Madoff Wife, Ruth Madoff, Lives In A Waterfront Home

Bernie Madoff’s wife is currently [calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1941″] years old. As of [current-year], Ruth Alpern lives in a waterfront House in Connecticut worth $3.8 million.

She lives with her former daughter-in-law, Susan Elkin, and her new husband, Richard Elkin.

Ruth formerly lived in a 989-square-foot House in Old Greenwich with her youngest son, Andrew Madoff.

Bernie Madoff Sons
Bernie Madoff’s wife, Ruth Madoff, lives with their former daughter-in-law in Connecticut. (Image Source: CBS News)

She enjoyed a lavish lifestyle while she was married to Bernie. The Madoff couple split their time between a $4 million mansion and a $7 million penthouse in Manhattan, reported Daily Mail.

Bernie Madoff Net Worth

Bernie Madoff’s net worth is reported to be -$17 Billion.

The Ponzi scheme mastermind was sentenced to 150 years of imprisonment. In addition, Bernie was ordered to pay $170 billion in restitution, leaving him with a negative net worth.

Madoff owned a large number of properties throughout the world. These include a House in Montauk, New York, his permanent residence in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and a Palm Beach, Florida mansion.

In September 2009, the U.S. Marshals Service held an auction to sell these and many of his other properties.

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