Dutch player Davy Klaassen Goal against Senegal

Many football fans who support the Netherlands national team are curious about Davy Klaassen’s Hair. Let’s look at how he maintains his no-hair look for the game. 

The Dutch player has been the center of attention after he scored a late goal against Senegal in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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In their first opening group match, the Dutch team managed to get a crucial 2- nil victory against Senegal. 

Likewise, midfielder Klaassen plays for Ajax in the European leagues. Scroll down to learn more about Davy Klaassen Hair.

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Davy Klaassen Hair: Does The Player Have Alopecia Or Albinism?

Dutch professional football player Davy Klaassen rocks a bald-headed look. Also, his hairless look doesn’t go unnoticed by many football fans.

Besides, Klaassen was born in February 1993, making him 29 years old in 2022. Likewise, the player’s bald head doesn’t particularly reflect his age. Clearly, the man’s thinning hair makes him look older than he is. 

Maybe, the Dutch football player has Alopecia or Albinism. However, there is no actual evidence to back this fact. 

Ajax Midfielder Davy Klaassen’s hair has been the center of attention for many of his fan base.

Going through his portraits, Klaassen has noticeable hair loss. However, the Dutch player has opted to leave his top head natural. Klaassen’s hair problem remains untouched to this day.

Since Klaassen has a bald head, many prefer it, while others discard his overall facial look.

It looks like he cares less about his hair issue and is more focused on playing games to improve his professional record. Moreover, Klaassen preferred not to get his hair transplant done. 

Besides, the player has not confirmed his hair loss. Klaassen has less to kingpin on his hair and more to focus on his game. In addition, the Dutchman is more self-assured, which inspires and motivates others to do the same. 

Davy Klaassen Goal against Senegal
Dutch player, Davy Klaassen, scored a late goal against Senegal to climb the scoresheet in Qatar World Cup 2022. (Source: Seattle Sports)

As all people are made differently, it grows evident that everyone stands out uniquely.

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Davy Klaassen Health Update

Dutch midfielder Davy Klaassen’s health seems fine as of this writing. The Ajax player is widely famous for his football talent. But, his bald look has also been in the spotlight, which visibly attracts attention.

So, a few Internet football meme pages have attached Klaassen’s picture of funny connections.

Fortunately, his fans support him and show concern about whether Klaassen’s hairline is thinning at the center. His appearance confirms his hair loss news.

Davy Klaassen Ajax player
Dutch Midfielder Davy Klaassen apparently suffers from thin hair issues. (Source: Liverpool Echo)

Besides, Klaassen’s healthy records gloom his doability in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Yes, the player has to score more goals and be capable of lifting his mid’s position if he wants to lift the Golden Cup for the Netherlands.

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