Guti Ezekiel

Guti Ezekiel ***** cause: The founder and president of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa passed away on 5 July 2023. 

Guti Ezekiel was a famous Zimbabwean Pentecostal archbishop. Further, he was the founder and president of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA). 

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For those who don’t know, ZAOGA is one of Zimbabwe’s largest Pentecostal churches, also known as Forward In Faith Ministries International (FIFMI) worldwide. 

Likewise, ZAOGA FIFMI was founded on May 12, 1960, in Bindura, Zimbabwe, and as of the current year, it is now in over 140 nations and states.

Guti is known for his professional career and has received an invitation to preach in several African nations, including Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific countries and more. 

Additionally, Guti founded seven Bible colleges including three in Zimbabwe, two in Mozambique, one in Zambia, and one in Ghana. 

Guti Ezekiel ***** Cause: ZAOGA Founder Dies At 100

The ***** news of Guti Ezekiel has saddened people worldwide, and it was shared online on various social media platforms. 

Ezekiel’s ***** cause is one of the most searched questions on the internet after his ***** news was shared. However, none of the official sites have shared the details about Guti’s ***** cause so this is still suspicious whether he died of a natural cause or Ezekiel was suffering from any illness.

Guti Ezekiel ***** cause
Guti Ezekiel’s ***** cause has remained suspicious; the founder of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa died at the age of 100. (Source: Twitter)

Ezekiel was 100 years old at the time of his *****. Various sources have shared the news but are still to update about the reason behind his sudden *****. 

Therefore, more details regarding Guti’s ***** cause might get updated soon in the upcoming days unless his family members speak up regarding the matter. 

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Details On Guti Ezekiel Obituary

Guti Ezekiel passed away on 5 July 2023. Various social media users and online sources shared the news. Heartful condolences are paid to his family through posts.

When his ***** news was shared on social media, fans and well-wishers started paying tribute to him, and they also wanted to know the funeral details. 

Guti Ezekiel Obituary
Fans paying tribute to Guti Ezekiel via various social media platforms including Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

At the time of this post, the details regarding his funeral and memorial services have not been published. Well, wishes Guti wrote, “Thank you, baba, for laying the foundations, for teaching us how to live the best in Christ, that in him we don’t get tired. We run the race till the end. RIP.”

As the family is mourning the loss, they may give further updates about Guti’s funeral in the future. 

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Did Guti Ezekiel Have Any Illness?

No, Guti Ezekiel didn’t have any illness at his *****. However, rumors of his health condition circulated in the media after his demise on July 5. 

As said above, no public records of Guti having any serious disease existed. As of now, his ***** cause hasn’t been confirmed, and many of his followers have been asking questions about his health condition. 

Guti Ezekiel illness
As per the latest updates, Guti Ezekiel didn’t have any serious illness. (Source: Twitter)

As none of the media sources had given the fact it is believed that Ezekiel was fine. Apart from that, his son, Guti Ezekiel Jr., suffered from speech impairment and physical disabilities in the past. 

The Guti family faced a tragic moment in 2017 when Guti Jr. died in intensive care after almost drowning in a swimming pool while on holiday in South Africa. 

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