Murdered Idaho four student, Kaylee Goncalves Boyfriend

In the Idaho Murder case, many local, state, and federal investigators are still working on it. Currently, the victim Kaylee Goncalves’s Boyfriend is in custody with her dog. Is her boyfriend the prime suspect here? 

Kaylee is one of the four victims killed at their housing unit in Moscow, near the University of Idaho, on November 13, 2022. Police believed that three girls and a boy were stabbed by a sharp knife between 3 am to 4 am. 

Still, the investigation is ongoing; everyone has been interviewed to learn more about girls.

Madison Mogen, 21, Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle were brutally murdered on Monday, November 13.

Idaho Student Murder Update

The investigation is still going on about the Idaho case; four students were found to be murdered at the same time near the University.

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With more than 1000 tips and 100 interviews, Police are still unable to find a suspect or any murder weapons till now. 

Police believed that more than one person had been involved in the case; all four of them were lying on the floor when Police arrived at the place.

Two of the girls before the murder were seen at the bar, and two of them were at some Party, whereas two of the girls who were not murdered were at home that night.

And Police believe that the two girls who were not involved thought the victim was at their place by 2 am and were killed at 3 am or 4.

But the victim’s body was not found inside the housing room; they found two on the second and third floors. 

Also, they believed that one of the people who saw them first called 911 at 11:58 am the same day with one of the victim’s phones.

Students of the University of Idaho did a ceremory for four murdered student on November 13, 2022.
Students of the University of Idaho did a ceremony for four murdered students on November 13, 2022. (Image Source: Radar Online)

Police have been continuously collecting evidence from the place, but unfortunately, the weapons and the main suspect in the murder are still to find out.

Also, some believed that one person was only targeted because all four were killed on the same day because they were together.

This case might be somehow actual, but the issue has not been cleared out. Hopefully, the murder will be under Police control.

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Who Is Kaylee Goncalves Boyfriend Jack DeCoeur? Were They Still Dating?

Kaylee Goncalves and Jack DeCoeur dated for five years, but before the murder, they were separated.

But when the investigation started, Goncalves and her friend Madison called Jack almost ten times at night before getting killed. 

Since the information about her boyfriend came out, people have been making diffrent reasons for blaming Jack DeCoeur.

When people started getting to know more information, the comment of Goncalves from her ex-boyfriend, Jack, looked sus.

But in the interview with Goncalves’s mother, she mentioned that Police have been wasting their time with Jack, and she does not doubt him.

University of Idaho Victim, Kaylee Goncalves with her ex-boyfreind, Jake.
The University of Idaho Victim, Kaylee Goncalves, with her ex-boyfriend, Jake. (Image Source: Radar Online)

Also, Jack DuCouer and Murphy, a dog of Kaylee Goncalves, were seen together on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, in Idaho, and they have been now in custody together.

But Police believed that he was not involved in the murder, and Goncalves called him because they knew they were in danger.

Also, the victim’s mother confirmed that Jack is just like family, and she trusts him. 

After the video of the victim with a dog went viral, they learned it was with her ex-boyfriend. People have been making their reason for the murder.

Hopefully, every rumor will clear after the murder gets into Police hands. 

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