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Is Jenny Tartikoff related to Brandon Tartikoff? People were eager to know the fact when she announced her departure from Paramount Studios. Here’s what we know.

Jenny Tartikoff is an experienced and skilled communications executive who most recently worked as Executive Vice President, Global Communications at Paramount Pictures.

Since November 2021, Tartikoff has been holding the role, but recently, it was announced that she is leaving the studio.

She handled all the studio’s corporate communication strategies during her time at the studio.

Furthermore, Jenny has gained board experience from her multiple works as she has been associated with other companies in the past too. Before joining Paramount, she was associated with Spotify.

Is Jenny Tartikoff Related To Brandon Tartikoff?

People online have been asking questions, and they are eager to know if Jenny Tartikoff and Brandon Tartikoff are related to each other. However, there are no facts about Jenny and Brandon having a blood relationship.

The topic of their bond first came into the media when Jenny was hired by Paramount Pictures in 2021.

When the news came, many people thought that Jenny might be related to Brandon. A person also asked, “Any relation to Brandon?”

Is Jenny Tartikoff Related To Brandon Tartikoff
Jenny Tartikoff and Brandon Tartikoff are not related to each other, but they have the same surnames. (Source: Twitter)

Brandon was also a famous American television executive who served as a Paramount Pictures Chairman. He left the studio and started working at Moving Target Productions in 1992.

As Jenny and Brandon both worked at the same company and due to their same surnames, netizens may have thought that they were relatives.

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Are Jenny Tartikoff And Brandon Tartikoff Daughter And Father?

No, Jenny Tartikoff and Brandon Tartikoff are not daughters and father. Also, there are no records of them having a blood relationship. People were confused as both of them shared the same surnames.

For your information, Brandon was married to Lilly Samuels. From his marriage to Lilly, he also welcomed two children, both daughters named Calla Lianne and Elizabeth Justine.

brandon tartikoff wife
Brandon Tartikoff’s wife, Lilly Samuels, was photographed with Dean Elizabeth M. Daley. (Source: USC Cinematic Arts)

Furthermore, the family of Brandon faced a tragic moment in their life when they lost Brandon on August 27, 1997. Brandon was 47 years old at the time of his death, and he took his last breath due to Hodgkin lymphoma.

Moreover, Brandon was interred at Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery in LA after his death.

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Explore Jenny Tartikoff Family Background

Jenny Tartikoff is based in Los Angeles, California, as reported by her Linkedin bio. She comes from a superior family, but Tartikoff has never talked about her family life with the media.

Moreover, Jenny is also a private person who prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight rather than share the details with the tabloids.

Jenny Tartikoff is based in Los Angeles, but she has not given any details about her family. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Due to the lack of information, her parents and the names of her other family members also remain unknown. In the same way, further info about her early life remains under investigation.

Regarding her educational history, Jenny attended the University of Michigan and earned a Bachelor of arts in psychology.

She has worked at CBS News and NBC News. Also, Jenny has experience working at Universal Pictures and Rubenstein.

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