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Jack Hartmann Hacked: Everyone is eager to know about Jack’s YouTube channel, which has recently been hacked. Here’s the recent update.

Jack Hartmann is an American YouTuber from the United States of America. He is among the country’s most respected educational children’s music performers.

Hartmann has made over 55 albums with over 1500 super movement songs for kids. Furthermore, Jack has come a long way, and on his YouTube channel, he has gained more than 1.6 billion views.

Due to his exciting content, Hartmann has been loved by many and on his channel, he has collected over 3 million subscribers. 

His album titled Brain Breaks was named a Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner in 2016. The YouTuber is currently in the limelight as his YouTube channel has been hacked.

Jack Hartmann Hacked: What Happened to His YouTube Channel?

Jack Hartmann’s YouTube channel, with over 3 million subscribers, has been hacked. The news first went viral on Twitter as people began asking multiple questions regarding his channel.

Following the news, Hartmann’s supporters requested YouTube to drag their attention and help Jack to get his channel back. Many have shown support.

Jack Hartmann Hacked
Jack Hartmann’s YouTube channel has been hacked. ( Source: Facebook )

A Twitter user wrote, “Dear @YouTube, the @Jack_Hartmann channel has been hacked by these scumbags. Can you help them out, BCS? I know plenty of teachers and parents with ASD children who are upset right now. A billion-dollar Company, and this is the type of security you have for your creators??”

Many people ahve already reported, and Hartmann himself has requested YouTube. Hartmann said, “@YouTubeCreators, can you please DM our youtube channel has been hacked – Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel.”

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Who Hacked Jack Hartmann YouTube Channel? MicroStrategy [US]

Following the hacking of Jack Hartmann’s YouTube channel, everyone has supported the loved YouTuber. Meanwhile, people are eager to know about MicroStrategy [US] as Jack’s channel name has been changed, and now we can witness MicroStrategy [US].

jack hartmann channel
Jack Hartman’s channel name has been changed to MicroStrategy [US]. ( Source: YouTube )
After that, many have said that a Bitcoin scammer hacked Jack’s YouTube channel. MicroStrategy is an American Company providing business intelligence (BI), mobile software, and cloud-based services. 

The Company was founded in 1989 by Michael J. Saylor, Sanju Bansal, and Thomas Spahr. Michael now serves as the Executive Chairman and a co-founder of the Company. 

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Is Jack Hartmann YouTube Channel Back? Hack Update

At the time of this post, the YouTube channel of Jack Hartmann has not been recovered, but everyone has reported the channel. Also, the official team of YouTube has talked about this topic.

At the request of Hartmann, team YouTube said, “So sorry you have to deal with this! Sending you a DM now to get some quick info & connect you w/ the team who helps w/ account access.”

Jack Hartmann YouTube Channel
Jack Hartmann received a message from YouTube following his channel hack. ( Source: Twitter )

So, it can be said that Jack will get his channel back soon, and he will surely update his social media handles. We can find him on Facebook and have given details about his channel.

While talking about the channel getting hacked, he wrote on Facebook, 

“Hey Everyone,

I’m sure some of you are already aware, but our YouTube Channel has been hacked. We are working on having it restored; it just might take a couple of days to recover.

In the meantime, you can use the YouTube report feature to report the channel as hacked.


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