Jyoti Maurya

Jyoti Maurya SDM viral chat is all over the internet, and it has brought a huge shock to many people. Here’s more about the scandal.

Jyoti Maurya is a Provincial Civil Service officer in Bareilly. From 2019 to 2021, she worked as a probationary officer in the Kaushambi tea subdivision.

During her tenure, records indicate the misappropriation of funds obtained through corrupt means. It has also been alleged that Maurya managed to accumulate an unofficial income of over six lakhs rupees in just one month, specifically in October 2021.

Apart from that controversy, Maurya is again in the limelight as a chat of her with another man has gone viral on social media. So, collecting the information from the internet, the details have been covered in this article.

Jyoti Maurya SDM Viral Chat Explained

Jyoti Maurya SDM viral chat is trending on the internet. She has been dragged into various controversies and, currently has an alleged relationship with another man. For your information, Maurya is married to her husband, Alok Kumar Maurya.

The duo is also the parents of the twin daughters. It has been reported that Jyoti is having an affair with another man, and a video of their WhatsApp chat has been shared on multiple platforms, including YouTube.

Jyoti Maurya SDM Viral Chat
The viral chat of Jyoti Maurya with her alleged lover has been leaked. ( Source: Twitter )

In the viral video, Maurya and another man named Manish were seen having talks, and it is believed that Maurya’s husband shared the chats online.

The man who Jyoti is having an affair is said to be the District Commandant of Home Guards in Ghaziabad. The man and Jyoti began conversing frequently, but Alok couldn’t doubt anything due to their professional connection.

This continued for two years, and in 2022, Alok saw her phone and learned about her affair. Now, the chat has also been leaked.

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Jyoti Maurya Recording and Screenshot Gone Viral

As said earlier, Jyoti Maurya is accused of cheating on her husband Alok, and she is not having good terms with her husband now after the screenshot of her chat with another man was leaked online.

Apart from that, new video recordings have surfaced on social media that have escalated more controversy. In the viral video, Jyoti can be heard abusing her husband using unusual words.

Jyoti Maurya Recording
Jyoti Maurya news is trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. ( Source: Twitter )

She even talked about her husband’s parents. Besides, she used filthy language and made fun of Alok’s parents working as sweepers. Despite that, Alok remained calm and recorded the video, which was later shared on social media.

The case of Jyoti and Alok has remained in the limelight for a long time, and new updates have been circulated on the web.

Is Jyoti Maurya Suspended?

At the time of this post, the official news regarding Jyoti Maurya’s suspension has not been released, but the news has been circulating following her multiple scandals.

All of these started when her corruption came into the media. Her husband was also the person who talked about these matters with the media.

Jyoti Maurya Suspended
Jyoti Maurya has not been suspended yet, but the news is all over the internet. ( Source: OdishaTV )

Not to mention, the Maurya couple tied the knot in 2010 and later went on to welcome twin daughters. Reportedly, Alok helped his wife to get the role of SDM.

Alok took a loan and spent his earnings on his wife so that she could go for coaching. After that, Jyoti secured the third rank among women and 16th in the Public Service Commission.

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