Matthew Rendell heart attack

People are piqued to know about Matthew Rendell heart attack, which is linked to his death. Matthew competed in the South Australian National Football League and the Australian Football League.

Rendell debuted his SANFL in 1977 while playing 79 games as a West Torrens Football Club ruckman.

In 1981, he left South Australia to play in the VFL for the Fitzroy Football Club while donning the No. 9 guernsey.

He scored forty-five goals while primarily playing full forward in his rookie season, but he later claimed he did not love it.

However, Rendell was to claim the ruck position once Ron Alexander returned to Western Australia, barring injuries, until 1987.

However, Rendell suffered from several ailments following 1983, leading to him playing in only 26 of the 43 games in 1984 and 1985. His death has devastated his fans. 

Read on to learn about Matthew Rendell’s heart attack details linked to his death.

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Matthew Rendell Heart Attack Linked To Death Cause

Former Fitzroy player Matt Rendell, a decorated athlete and well-known AFL recruiter, has passed away. He was 64. Matthew Rendell heart attack is linked to his death.

Rendell passed away on Wednesday in a hospital in Clayton after suffering a heart attack on Sunday while walking his dog. He had been kept alive since being transported by ambulance to the hospital.

On Wednesday afternoon, the AFL stated on behalf of Leonie Rendell.

Matthew Rendell heart attack
Matthew Rendell heart attack has taken his life at the age of 64. (Source: The Age)

The message said, “It is with tremendous sadness that I am releasing this statement regarding the condition of Matthew Rendell.

“Matthew died this afternoon after experiencing a heart arrest early on Sunday. He didn’t get his bearings back. His passing has sparked widespread sadness in the football community.

Rendell had many friends and colleagues from his days as a prominent player for Fitzroy, an assistant coach at St. Kilda, and later as a recruiter at Adelaide and, subsequently, Collingwood.

Former AFL Champion Matthew Rendell Obituary

The open-minded and outgoing Rendell, also known as “Bundy,” by friends and coworkers in honor of the American professional wrestler King Kong Bundy.

He will be remembered as a gifted and significant football player who was a member of the last successful Fitzroy team.

He later carved out a unique career in recruiting for the Crows, particularly Collingwood.

Rendell was discovered by a bystander after the heart attack, as his brother Tim had mentioned before. Tim was on his way to the hospital when he spoke to this masthead on Tuesday morning.

“Someone noticed him and called an ambulance, but no one knows how long he was lying there,” Tim said. He claimed that his sibling was “pretty fit” and remained active.

Matthew’s obituary details are yet to be revealed by his family members, but his funeral will be done in the presence of his family and close friends.

Matthew Rendell Personal Life

Matthew Rendell is survived by his wife Leonie, kids Daniel and James, siblings Tim and Stephen, and sisters Deb, Melinda, and Vanessa.

Rendell was not afraid to express his strong ideas in public, as when he called Nick Daicos “the best junior I’ve seen” in 2020, more than a year before Daicos was selected in the draft—a statement that now looks foresighted.

Matthew Rendell heart attack
Matthew will always be remebered by his family, close friends and his fans. (Source: The Age)

Among those who visited Rendell in the hospital while on life support were Clayton and former St Kilda coach Grant Thomas, with whom Rendell remained close from their time at the Saints.

He was also a frequent guest on SEN radio, where he was known for his direct and somewhat unconventional viewpoints.

He believed that coaches had a duty to promote an exciting and appealing playing style for spectators.

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