Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge, a famous English Michelin-starred chef, has not had any surgery.

He opened a world-famous pub, The Hand & Flowers, with his wife, Beth Cullen-Kerridge, in 2005.

Before owning his restaurant, he worked with many famous chefs. He has appeared on several TV shows, including the Great British Menu, MasterChef, and Saturday Kitchen.

He has always wished to work as a chef since childhood; he started working in a restaurant in 1991 and is still working. 

Tom Kerridge Surgery Update

Tom Kerridge from The Hand & Flowers never had surgery on any part of his body, as he shared with the public. 

He has lost a lot of weight, so maybe many people thought he had surgery to maintain his body, but he lost his weight because of a strict diet.

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He always asked questions about his weight, so he has had a different lifestyle over the past five years. According to the sources, Tom has almost lost 22 stone weight in the past year. 

Tom Kerridge weight transformation- before and after picture
Tom Kerridge weight transformation- before and after picture. Image Source: hellomagazine

In an interview, he mentioned that his job as a chef was the main reason he was putting on this much weight before; when he started trying to lose some weight, it was very hard initially.

And at the age of 40, he realized that he should change things around to be fit and healthy before it was too late.

So, his followers have been assuming that he has been doing some surgery to maintain his body. But it is all because of his diet and exercise to lose some pounds.

Although he has lost many pounds, he has not hit the gym. It’s all because of how he has been eating his meal.

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What Happened To Hand And Flower Chef Tom Kerridge?

Tom Kerridge owns the pub Hand and Flower and is also the main chef. He gained a lot of fans after appearing in a show and because of his restaurant Hand and Flower.

Tom is doing well in life and also in his health. He has been working fine in his pub, making people happy. 

Many people have been assuming that his weight loss is because of some disease, but he is living a perfect and healthy life.

He has been following his healthy diet and is still in a Campaign to lose more pounds. But it is confirmed that nothing with his health is going on. 

People have been curious about his health because of weight loss, but it is healthy to lose some pounds before it’s too late.

Net Worth of Tom Kerridge In 2023

The net worth of well-known chef Tom Kerridge in 2023 is close to $ 3.5 million, per the Sources.

He has been working as the main chef of his pub, Hand, and Flower, since 2005; he has worked in a pub with his wife.

Tom Kerrige in pub The Hand and Flower
Tom Kerridge in his pub The Hand & Flowers. Image Source: DailyMail

He opened Marlow pub, The Coach, and two restaurants with his wife in 2014. So, again he opened The Butcher’s Tap in 2017, which is located in Marlow, Buckinghamshire

In London’s Harrods department store, Kerridge’s Bar & Grill was open in 2018, The Bull & Bear in 2019, and Kerridge’s Fish & Chips in 2021.

He owns seven restaurants in seven diffrent locations, which he and his wife have managed.

So, his primary source of income is from all the restaurants he has opened with his wife.

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