Vili Fualaau New Wife

Vili Fualaau is well-known as Mary Kay Letourneau’s husband, an American teacher. People are curious to know about Vili Fualaau’s new wife. 

Mary Kay is a teacher who pleaded guilty to two counts of felony second-degree rape of a child who was 12 years old in 1997.

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The child for who she went to jail was Vili Fualaau; they got married after her release. While she was sentenced, she had the first child of Fualaau.

She had an agreement calling for six months in jail, with three months suspended and no contact with Fualaau for life.

Then, again after six months, she was found in a car with Fualaau and sentenced to seven and a half years in jail.

But while in jail, she found out she was pregnant and had a second child, Fualaau. After eight months, the couple got married in 2005 after her release.

Vili Fualaau New Wife: Is He Married Now?

Following the news, there has not been any information regarding the marriage of Vili Fualaau. He got separated from his ex-wife Mary Kay Letourneau in 2019.

Picture of Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau before she went to jail.
Picture of Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau before she went to jail. (Source: Rolling Stone)

Presently, Vili is single and has not been in a relationship since 2019. He has not been in a relationship till now, which might mean that he has been focused on his career.

And also, he might not want to share his current relationship with the public now, as his past relationship was not good. 

Not only is he single, but after divorced, he has not been married or engaged yet. Probably he figured out things after Fualaau’s ex-wife died. 

What Happened To Villi Fualaau Ex-Wife Mary Kay Letourneau

Mary Kay died from colorectal Cancer on July 6, 2020, at age 58. Villi and Mary were separated before she died. 

The couple got married in the year 2005 after the release of Mary from jail; she went to prison for seven and a half years.

But they divorced in 2019 after being married for 14 years; after getting separated from Fualaau, she found she had colorectal Cancer. 

Mary Kay Letourneau Dies of Cancer at the Age of 58
Mary Kay Letourneau Dies of Cancer at the Age of 58. (Source: People)

Although the couple separated, Fualaau and his family were by her side when she was battling Cancer.

She left most of her estate to Fualaan and her children with him; the couple seems to have a great relationship with each other.

When they were separating, Fualaan mentioned that he was never the victim. He realizes everything now when he sees back to the past.

Both of them mentioned they were unhappy, and Fualaan was not okay with how the public saw them as a couple. 

Fualaan filed their separation in 2017, but he withdrew after having second thoughts; he was not either happy with his decision.

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More about Villi Fualaau Ex-Wife Mary Kay Letourneau

Villi has not shared much about his personal life; the couple got in the limelight after the news about the Mary Kay rape case got viral.

The case took an interest globally; they were taking interviews and were invited to diffrent shows. 

The couple had almost 20 years of age gap with each other; they shared two children. 

She had both of her children inside the jail when she was sentenced to the rape case; she had never met her children before 2004.

After the couple started getting into the news, they kept their relationship and children’s life out of the media. 

So, they have not shared information about their children; Fualaan has been with his child as a single Father after Mary died.

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